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Protest and Rally in Baltimore

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What would your reaction be if the if the judge decided not to hold the trial of #FreddieGray in the city of #Baltimore?




MrTerrence Teel I would have mixed feelings. This is a very sensitive and crucial course of events. Justice should prevail where ever the trial is held..,.

Rashawn Shakur Thompson Probably be a good idea not it will be a complete circus and the officers wouldn’t get a fair trial here

MrTerrence Teel nothing is fair about their actions. A man life is lost at the hands of negligence, I am not even going to say alleged.. there was more than one officer responsible its a conspiracy

Tabby McKoy Gm it would be heart breakn … The crime was committed here an should be tried here

Ferrari Gill The police walking which is why the family getting those mills,, it’s not going be trailed here

Corey Smith Makes sense it is impossible to get an unbiased jury in Baltimore Your either F the police or police are heroes in this town. Not a fair trial then. Only people from Baltimore know the problems we go through with the police.

coreyharold I wouldn’t be surprised than again I would cause the judge is black if anyone can relate

futurefocused528 It happened in Baltimore it should be tried in Baltimore just like any other crime. Doing anything to delay this trial smh.