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Stacey Dash

Source: Paul Redmond / Contributor / Getty

You know Damon Dash came up with the term Chatty Catty or is it Chatty Patty?  Either way, his cousin Stacey Dash needs her mic turned off IMMEDIATELY.  She’s pushing 50, and though she is visibly beautiful, her POV’s are getting out of hand. And are making her hard to look at.  Of course we are entitled to our own opinions.  But when you are spewing irrelevant jargon, this is where we step in and award you for making an @ss of YOURSELF.  Stacey, the 3 times divorcee, weighed in on a topic on why the divorce rate is so high.  Her answer was because women don’t know how to take care of their men anymore.  UMMMMMMMM, are we CNA’s, babysitters or wives?  Being as though all 3 of hers ended, maybe she is speaking from experience, but she is not an expert for everybody.  Who is booking her for these speaking gigs, and on national TV?  Before she puts her foot in her mouth again, we will give her this award to tip off with and a pat on the back.  We are over SD.  Want to see some other things she has said, that makes everyone do the “WHET SHE JUST SAY” face??  CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE TOO