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Honey BOO BOO chiiiiiile!! When will these athletes learn…You have to get in here to see these NOT SAFE FOR WORK thot got photos of a groupie that caught Allen Iverson, SLEEPING.  NUDE!!  Thot Got is when you are in a compromising position and are photographed unbeknownst to you, and the photos are leaked for financial gain or bragging rights by the THOT that sends them to the blogs.  Sooooo, thanks to for this mess.  But we personally think that former guard for the Philadelphia 76er’s, Allen Iverson, is too old and has too much left to lose to be falling asleep with random people.  Especially in these technology runs the world times we are living in.  These photos are said to have been dated back to around 2012-2013, but they are just now leaking to the media.  CLICK HERE to see these messy flicks, and you MUST be 18 and older to view.  At this point, seems like AI should have stayed with his wife.  None of this happened when they were together.  But, who are we to judge?