It seems that Nick Cannon is Wildin’ Out on National TV and nope, we’re not even talking about his comedy show. It seems that during a segment on Nick Cannon’s Daytime Talkshow, members of the studio audience and those at home caught wind of his “mans”. Immediately afterwards, he began trending online for it. CLICK […]

Bryan Asrary is in custody for allegedly trolling the 'net for Justin Bieber fans, targeting young girls and threatening them into sending him nude photos.

According to the Headkrack, the #mannequinchallenge is already over with, and a new challenge has spread in its place. This one is called the “One Finger Challenge,” and it requires a bit more of a… commitment. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Let’s put it this way- the required materials are very minimal. Click on the audio […]

Somebody is out to try to destroy the Ross family before they could turn a house into a home.  We just got word from MTO that Lira use to be sitting on the floor of the rapper Slim Thug. So basically, whoever is throwing salt and shade is bringing up all of Rick Ross’s fiance’s past. CLICK […]

Honey BOO BOO chiiiiiile!! When will these athletes learn…You have to get in here to see these NOT SAFE FOR WORK thot got photos of a groupie that caught Allen Iverson, SLEEPING.  NUDE!!  Thot Got is when you are in a compromising position and are photographed unbeknownst to you, and the photos are leaked for […]