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Tensions In Baltimore Continue To Simmer After Days Of Riots And Protests Over Death Of Freddie Gray

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Do you agree with the Mayor’s decision to fire Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts? What are your thoughts?



@DreJohnson1 something definitely needed to change due to the heightened crime in our city. Let’s hope she made the right decision. Gm boo

— Kippy McLovin’ (@Kippy_McLovin) July 9, 2015

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden She should have went with him! Gm Dre!!

Patricia Ray The whole administration needs to change…,she clearly has no clue..gm dre!

DoctorRell Bailey The City is doomed until she leaves office.

Vonnie Fatz Long Dear Mrs. Blake, No amount of damage control will save you, your anorexic ass is done with ya snitching a**..

Anita Crockett Firing the police commissioner puts a bandage on the problems in the city, she needs to go too.

Renee’ Scott-Richardson She should be gone as well she plays a role of why Baltimore city is the way it is.This by far the worst mayor ever

Tabby McKoy Its funny the commissioner is fired…. But he takes orders from the mayor…. Smh shes next i hope… But i guess some one had to take the fall

Tavon Davis That muppet baby should have stepped down also!!

Busta Love You can tell when someone is up for reelection she is gonna fire everyone that challenge her during the riots the person she should really fire is herself

Chereese Barrett She did that to cover her own self but she was part of the problem as well from the riots.

Kevin Boardley Yeah Stephanie Rawlins Blake should step down also

Fred Coleman He’s a scapegoat

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Our streets were already in turmoil before Batts came along. So one man can’t stop all of the violence. Instead of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake firing someone,she should have fired herself after asking Sheila Dixon to take over….lol.

Toiya Best She should have fired her damn self. That man takes orders from her and it’s clear that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She wants to blame everyone else except for herself. When is she leaving again????

JaylenWauren Johnson Bad for him good for the city…we just need better leadership in this city all around….I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one sick of loosing friends

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Yes and we will be firing her in 2016.

Toiya Best As long as SRB is in office the City will continue as it is. So when the killings continue with this interim commissioner in, is she going to fire him too????

Jaisin Wwjd Hines Someone had to take one for the team and it was him how do you say I’m doing a great job and you stand behind me but then you let me go. When he spoke out a few months ago I said u just lost your job. How many top cops have come and gone under her leader ship? How many under our former mayor?

MrTerrence Teel Let me begin by asking , of these comments how many of the listeners even voted? Also, its real simple to stand on the outside and reprimand our local government officials. Personally I feel a separation from the Department was necessary to re-establish a sense of support and safety within the community. Leaders not only have to fill their shoes , but carry the weight of many.

Sharbett Morton She going to be next to go, and put Shelia Dixon back in…

Jaisin Wwjd Hines Ppl are going to get mad but oh well we need someone new point blank Sheila had her turn Stephanie your time is over we need a new mayor someone with fresh eyes and ideas to turn this city around

Wesley Gibson Yes, they’ve been killing harassing and setting people up since Ed Norris was commissioner, he kept that culture going. Only after people started to show a little, and I mean a little, fight back in them, (the so called riots) did they want to change the way they were policing! That was just to appease the public, in the night the BS continues.

Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown You change any politicians or head officials it’s not gonna change the people minds who keep commuting senseless crimes

Marques Dent In order to ensure public safety, prosperity for working families and brighten the future of our youth, WE must take responsibility for Our city. WE must work together to strengthen the fabric that holds Baltimore together. That fabric is our youth. Restoration of trust starts with ownership of actions. We will collectively take action to build a safer Baltimore. It’s not one person’s job it’s an entire community effort. #NoViolence @drejohnson1

#3rdDistrict #dent2016 #NewCityCouncil #

Tracy Featherstone No, she’s the one that needs to go

Margie Wise-Matthews No, she is wrong. Letting him go is not the solution for our city.

Myeika Timeforachange Waller Since when do you get fired remain on the companies payroll for 45 days and receive 100k in severance. She replaced him thinking it would make her look better in the eyes of the voters, but she was his boss. She should have made some better executive decisions and picked up the phone and told him to move in and handle business, she didn’t do that so the cops standing down was just as much her fault as his.

Maurice GS Kendell Never should have had him here he doesn’t know our streets!!

whthershey209 She should have fired herself. She is just mad that the truth is coming out.

candor_clint1983 Only if I actually knew why how you say somebody been doing a great job then fired huh and did they tell us in our face that the police wasn’t doing their job cause of leadership piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining huh


ms_shoediva143_  She doesn’t lead she’s told what to do. She’s an idiot and bc she preyed on Sheila’s downfall nothing good is gonna coming from her term in office.

33facesofa_gemini_5 I can’t wait till she finds her exit out of office she has a nerve * there will be unrest in Baltimore City until things fall in order like supposed to be I think personally …. @drejohnson1

bgressy She’s a joke, the only reason she fired Bate is because of the upcoming election, we need Shelia back as mayor of Baltimore.

babygirl7275@drejohnson1 I don’t agree. She’s not taking any responsibility for her actions & she allowed him to take the fall. It’s so important for people to vote!

blonde_beauty86 You can’t agree with someone who doesn’t own up to their own mistakes. It takes a leader to be one #leadership #leadbyexample

sheis_alleyrenee She needed someone to put the blame on. Instead of looking in the mirror she blamed him. She should be ashamed.

ta1manshow She should have stepped down herself…..being critical of his leadership during the riots as if she did a great job. All they will do is hire another New York cop to come and treat the city like it’s trash @drejohnson1 nothing will change in the city until the mentality and culture changes #bringbackshelia #hellwewilltakekurtsmcoke

fmg_young_fresh She should step down he was doing his job what she doing but putting the Blame on everyone else

tyedon36 No matter who the commissioner is people still gonna kill. Its nothing no one can do. She needs to step down for lying saying she didn’t tell the officers to stand down SMH

kissme_kima I don’t agree with her. People always look for a scape goat, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the outcome of the riots. The governor threw her under the bus, so she threw Mr. Batts under the bus. Politicians are the real THUGS

nikkismith43 She should step down. She is an awful mayor. It has been nothing but crime on top of crime since she sat in office. She has not made any accomplish @drejohnson1

blizz40 It was a decision that needed to be made but more importantly when is someone going to fire her???

randywells1984 I think it was a dumb political move and I think she needs to step down. I feel like both of them lost the respect of the citizens of Baltimore.

dazey_thatheadstandgirl Read story about #josephcrystal… Anthony batts is responsible for disciplining officers and doesn’t really do so even after seeing police brutality on video and in media…when there’s no consequences, it gets out if control…it is a matter of life and death keeping him in that position …I think firing him was the first step to getting to that point where you can get the right person in charge that’s not going to allow police brutality, thereby slowing down all these deaths that are occurring ..#josephcrystal has been tweeting over the years about Batts and even recently tweeted that he would like to come back to protect and serve in Baltimore

msnewyorican89 I feel like she’s trying to blame everyone else but herself. And she probably fired him as a cover for her mistakes. Yes the crime rate has risen tremendously since the riots but the mayor isn’t doing what she is supposed to do and she needs to take responsibility. Not place the blame on everyone else!

mz.nek4ever Yesss Start at the top and trickle ↓ #accountablity However she is not exempt much more still needs to be done to turn #Baltimore around

from_thecitythat_reads What are”they” supposed to?…..when you address the symptoms of a disease, without curing the disease, the symptoms never go away…..she nor Batts are the reason certain black men decide their lives or their counterparts lives aren’t worth more than money or drugs…this is a port city….so drugs will never disappear from the communities….fast money, illegal product…..do people realize that is the thread that connects Baltimorean, black and white?…i believe every single person in Baltimore knows an addict or has one in their family. We cannot look to administrations to solve the problems in our communities because they create those problems. If Batts was the commissioner, who are the FOP? And why can they do their own investigations into.the way the riots were handled, but can’t investigate why their officers like to kill and have no regard for human life? They act as if they are a separate entity than the police he was here to lead. Please understand that the KKK exists in America’s police departments. Larry Hogan could give two s****s about the black community. What human would rather build a juvenile jail than fund schools and programs for children? Somebody who wants to continue the legal slave trade that prisons are. You can be in jail and have a job on work release and come home and can’t find a job. How ironic is that?…and just so y’all know, Baltimore City Public Schools poisoned the children with lead, not paint chips. Look it up…No city schools have water running through its fountains. The water was turned off in BCPS in 2003 for lead. But not the houses surrounding those schools?…Same water source, right? Research everything and believe nothing. Batts wasn’t the problem, believe that.


Baltimore City Police Commissioner Fired : First Exclusive Radio Interview Tomorrow With Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


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