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Player Dwight Howard Visits China

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

When will people learn.  It’s nothing new under the sun.  Chances are, if a man has MULTIPLE baby mothers and you are looking for his love and attention, maybe you should wait to see if he will put a ring on it, then have his baby.  Just because he is a celeb, athlete, or public figure, doesn’t mean he is all of a sudden going to adapt to your standards and/or morals.  With that being said, word is that Dwight Howard has a plethora of children with multiple women.  The latest being a Gospel singer named Christina Vest.  She and Howard have a 2 year old son together.  Now she once taunted his reality star baby mama, Royce Reed.  Now look at the pot calling the kettle, WHET….

The tables have turned and now Christina is all over social media about how FEDUP she is on D. Howard not stepping up to the plate and being a father to their child.  Wake us up when this story blows over and people keep their personal dirty laundry OFF of twitter, FB, snapchat, IG, KIK, heck out of our LIVES.  Not trying to be harsh, but this story will never end.  Please be safe out there, not only from STD’s.  But from alleged “deadbeats” that are taking over at alarming rates, as per their children’s mothers.  LORDT….Thanks to Baller Alert for this tip…READ the REST HERE!! (If you eem care)