Ex-NBA star Dwight Howard is denying all sexual assault allegations from a Georgia man who has filed a lawsuit against him. According to reports, the accusations stem from an alleged incident that happened back in July of 2021 with a man named Stephen Harper, who Dwight met on Instagram. In his lawsuit, Stephen accuses Dwight […]

NBA star Dwight Howard is being sued for assault and battery by Stephen Harper, a man that he allegedly met on Instagram. Howard’s accuser is alleging that Howard tried to force him to have a threesome with a male dressed a as a woman. According to reports, the lawsuit includes text evidence of Harper’s accusations. […]

Lakers’ Dwight Howard said he was broke up over the death of Kobe Bryant but he still can’t get over it. He wanted Kobe to know that he is a winner. Dwight said he cried until he fell asleep, and would have never imaged talking about the death of Kobe. He said that everybody thought […]

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Now, a little over a month since that interview was published, Howard is making another declaration about his personal, romantic life.

Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard has denied the allegations made against him in a lawsuit filed by Masin Elije. “I don’t know this person, never seen him,” Howard said to TMZ Sports. “Any allegation said about me is false.” Howard is currently being sued by Elije, who claims in a lawsuit that Howard approached him in Nov. 2018 […]

When will people learn.  It’s nothing new under the sun.  Chances are, if a man has MULTIPLE baby mothers and you are looking for his love and attention, maybe you should wait to see if he will put a ring on it, then have his baby.  Just because he is a celeb, athlete, or public […]

  Well, Dwight Howard is in the blogs again.  This time for another paternity lawsuit of a secret baby he had over 5 years ago with one of his 8 babymoms.  CHIIIIILEEEE.  We just got wind that he made a side deal with his side piece to keep the news of the child quiet.  Since […]

  In this edition of  News You Can’t Use, Special K is revealing an embarrassing moment Ebony Steele had at NBA player Dwight Howard‘s house. Listen to…

Playing around on the court recently NBA superstar Dwight Howard was playing some 1 on 1 with a young man who sought revenge for blocking his shot as the were fooling around on the basketball court. Unknowingly the young man out plays Howard…check it out. video courtesy of wshh Catch me on the radio every […]

Dwight Howard has knocked up another woman, but this time it’s a gospel singer! Listen to Gary’s Tea to find out which gospel singer had his baby and…