Black History Month is upon us and it's time to make our coins do the talking with our favorite beauty brands!

Start the new year right with these 5 Black-owned beauty essentials in your arsenal.

These five Black-owned beauty essentials will keep you right and tight.

This week's best in makeup, skincare, body care and hair care that you'll want to add to your collection.

This talented bunch is responsible for some of the most beautiful makeup looks on your favorite celebs.

Raven Paris: What inspired you to actually want to tap into the beauty industry? What was that inspiration? Brittany Lincoln: I love beauty. I love to look good all the time. It just makes you feel better than you already felt. I actually was, dibbling a little bit in something else at first and then the […]

If you need to re-up on your beauty must-haves, this product round-up won't steer you wrong. Here, we're giving you the rundown on our favorite Black-owned beauty brands to shop from this week.

Let's face it, celebrities endorse a lot of products and can make anything look good. But what items are actually worth your dollars? Here are 10 celebrity-owned beauty companies that are reviewer-approved.


Satisfy your shopping fix with this week's best beauty products.

Putting a serum on might be easy, but finding the best one for your skin is a bit harder.


Get your beauty collection in order with these essentials.