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Fathers Day

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… How do you feel about single mothers being celebrated on Father’s Day? Do you agree or disagree?


Crystal Mj Gray I disagree. I don’t think it’s fair to take shine away from great fathers. Father’s day is to celebrate fathers just as Mother’s day is to celebrate mothers. If you’re a single mother and you take care of your kids, you’re an awesome mom, not a father though.

Keisha Henson I disagree. Despite what one might feel, and even if he has done nothing as a parent, it is inappropriate to believe that this day is for u. Just don’t acknowledge it, don’t confuse your child first off, into believing such.

Tee Denton I disagree, let the real father’s enjoy their day. When mothers day come, let the real mothers enjoy their day. Gm Dre

Patricia Ray Mothers day is for mothers and fathers day is for fathers……simple as that

Charles Smith i disagree, though I do understand why single moms would want to be acknowledged as being the other parent as well. Moms, u can never take the place of a child’s father. Single moms, you can never teach a boy how to be a man, and you can not show your daughter how a man should treat a women. Those are just the facts. Financially you may have taken the role of the other parent, but being a father is more than giving out allowances. God placed him in the equation for a reason. Besides I know some single dads and they aren’t celebrated in Mothers day and don’t wanna be.

MrTerrence Teel In most cases mothers play both roles ..so I don’t see the issue.. Parents mother or father should be celebrated everyday.

Fred Coleman Woman and men are subject to play both roles. My moms played both but not once did we celebrate Father’s Day with her. Nobody wants to play both roles so give me a break!

Barron Holmes Disagree

Jus Blaque Diagree. Mothers day is for mothers. Single or not. Nothing more

Mikita Ckyyou Barron…..homie…..how u gonna do that to me???????(tears) im a single mom n my childs father isnt really in the picture.: ( i feel like i have to do dual roles. I’m not her father but somebody gotta step in. no man can replace the child’s father. But I commend those men who want to be and are REAL fathers

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Mothers are mothers…….fathers are fathers.

We need our own days

Arealdivaatheart Jenkins I don’t need a man-made day to make me know my role as a parent. Nor should a Real man. Ladies step back, grow up, play ya position and let your children be happy. Real Men should be recognized & celebrated everyday just as Real Mother’s.

flowsuniquely4u A woman can NOT be a father. Give men their celebration. At the end of the day if you are doing 100% because a father does not do then you are doing your job as a MOTHER most of us knew he wasnt much when he was just your BOYfriend. I know single fathers raising their kids and you dont see them wanting extra acknowledgement on Mothers Day.

sexi_divah I hate it!!!! My day was last month let these men have their day in peace just because you layed up with a dumb that’s not every man’s fault….. My son father is great!!!!!

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 It’s hard being a single mother especially raising sons I applaud them & respect them. Happy Fathers Day single MOMS.

brucemanors_kuntry I absolutely HATE it, just like when ppl tell me happy mothers day, im not a mother……at the end of the day she can never be a Father, she’s just a Good Mother!!! #BreakfastBite

dptheemcee Highly disagree!! When do good fathers ever get the appreciation or respect deserved. Mother’s Day is just that. And Father’s Day should be the same.

bratty_baker I think it is ridiculous. I don’t care how much a woman may do, she can never be a man.

kissme_kima I disagree. I’m a single mom as well, I had to learn the hard way that I can’t teach my two son’s how to be a MAN

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 it’s Kool, because mothers these have to keep their sons out of jail and a body bag, also keep their daughters off the pole and away from these Trap boys…. good morning DRE

true_virgo_kina I hate it

jbb427 If you doing it for a “holiday” you doing it all wrong. Who cares? I’m celebrating myself today for being the fuxking man. You should atop worrying about everyone else and do the same. 🎉🎉🎉

von_ovawest I say no because no one says happy mothers day to single fathers when the mother is a dead beat. It’s a day for fathers and if the father not in the picture just can’t celebrate the holiday

pebbles_page I think women need to celebrate one day and that’s Mother’s Day. Let me MEN and REAL FATHER’S enjoy their day. Father=Man so please sit down somewhere. Smh

dreadzndro I’m not a mother…however my personal opinion is why does it matter? If you are a father and you get recognition for all you’ve done then great. If a woman gets recognition for playing both parts, ( what I mean by that is taking full responsibility, just because she can’t teach her kid how to through a ball doesn’t mean she’s not fully taking on both parts) then have at it. Some say that’s what a good mother is supposed to do and I agree, but there is also an exception to the rule when the man decides a to leave and now she is triple timing. That’s an amazing woman.

riecyspieces A woman can’t be a father; a man can’t be a mother. It’s really that simple. Disregard the deadbeats, and acknowledge the father’s worthy of the praise. Do single father’s get Mother’s Day cards??? It’s just not necessary… it’s reaching.

shid_nyg I disagree, it’s the Father’s Day let them have it. Just because the mother is single don’t me the father not in their kid life

living_lovin15 GM Dre, I disagree… At the end of the day you as a parent know what you do and don’t do for the child .as a female you are not a male so please let the decent great fathers have their day. Remember just because you born a child doesn’t make you a parent or good parent at that!

7.20cancer It is just a man-made holiday! Great parents should be saluted everyday. I salute my mother everyday, while she can still hear it. People get all out of shape over the small things smh… Yes we know men can’t be mother’s and women can’t be father’s, but whatever parent is taking care of the child/children just salute everyday geesh@drejohnson1


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