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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… Which do you prefer to be labeled as Black, African American or does it really make a difference?


Juanita Genia Finney I consider myself..Black.. Cuz I have never been to Africa.. Don’t relate

Rick Tyler I woukd prefer to be called “Black ” ……( and today is my 50 birthday )

Tyra Harris I’m black not African American

MrTerrence Teel As Terrence!!!

Charles Smith Leave the labels for the can goods…What’s inside does not have a color nor does it have a name……obviously the color of my skin is Black and my heritage descends from Africa..and I am an American…But the real me is made up of Spirit…and u cant label that…GM Dre…They’re not gonna put me in a box and stick a label on it.

DoctorRell Bailey Black is the way to be.

Tavon Davis #Black

Leslie Alston I do not want to be labeled anything. “Leslie” cannot be labeled. I am a human being. That is what God chose me to be a human being or a female. Do not use words to describe my outer appearance.

Tee Denton Black

Slew Rockson Either or Cause both apply to me

foxytbaby_ Black! I’m proud ofmy heritage and am not in need of ways to make it seem or sound different.

evrybdyluvsliv GM Dre! Enough with the labels already!! Call me Olivia. That’s who I am…love me or leave me alone.

eshaesh1 Say it loud “I’M BLACK N I’M PROUD!!!….. James Brown said it best.

successful_tony I prefer African American because it describes our roots and where our ancestors came from

scorpiana92 How about NO LABELS I just want to be called the name my mother gave geshhh

mrchevyent Either or but African American is more appropriate

bigfredcomedy Doesn’t make a difference, its about the regard you have for the people.

_renee.s_3rd No we are not African Americans that would denote an African who is now nationally American in addition to 2 continents. But black is a color, we are the indigenous/aborigines

tmodemkilla I’m human just treat me as such! @drejohnson1

capricornchevymeka@drejohnson1 I am an American, not black because my skin color is brown. Just call me an American.

tiger.dawn@drejohnson1 my race is human… Treat me and address me as such, an equal human being… We all bleed red, we all cry water, we all pee urine… need I go further!!!

Delete Commentbaltimore_jayBlack or African American. I prefer to have ppl acknowledge my ethnicity because being black is a great thing. #weareoriginators



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