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Students during lunch break.

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… Starting this week all city school students regardless of income, will be offered a free breakfast and lunch under a federal program. What are your thoughts?

MrTerrence Teel Absolutely Freakin Fantastic…and while they are at it provide all day programs and mentoring programs

Leslie Alston About time the federal government is thinking. Every child despite the income should be offered breakfast. Because a child come to school dress well does not mean parents have enough food to feed them.. Some parents have a hard time affording both, but a child should not suffer because of it.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden About damn time! Good morning Dre!

MsHappybymyself Parham They should have been….. Doing this from the beginning. But better late then, Never!!! Hope this is not just a temporary situation

Tee Denton That’s great for the kids.

Kizzie HoldingItdownsolo Ray About time

Ty McFly It’s about time. We had to struggle to get it for free only to get it for just a year back in high school. Times have changed slowly for the better … for our kids. Just don’t cut it in 6 years.

Damani Tazzy Epps I work in the Baltimore City School system and it is awesome because I have plenty of my students live in the inner city and they only in their schools because that might be the only meal they receive that’s why I bring extra items to have and even put small bags of groceries for them on Friday to take home of items

Keisha Henson I love this idea but I also think this should be state-wide. Its way too much money in this country. Our kids should be priority and a good meal is imperative. I also agree with Leslie Alston. Just because one is dressed nice, does not mean they have enough food. It’s a great start now lets also fix the after school program

Dwayne Torain That’s a great look for the city. Awesome move for the federal government.

Anita Crockett It’s about time! For some kids the meals at school are all they have to eat throughout the day. Hopefully they will find a way to continue this throughout the summer too.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Its about time someone starts looking out for our children. Some don’t hardly have food at home so to be able to eat breakfast and lunch is wonderful

Lakendra Schwendig This is awesome its a start , I would like to see them spread it to other areas of Maryland as well

whthershey209 It’s about time. They should have always done it that way

amourmi I strongly agree, you really don’t know how hard it is to maintain the household bills and provide food, with two growing boys on your own , sincerely a single mother

7.20cancer Free breakfast has always been offered to all students. I think it’s a great idea, but the city should provide a better quality of food for the children to eat. The lunch sometimes is not appealing to the eyes @drejohnson1

misscookie_01 Couldn’t be any happier. My girls were packing home lunches or paying $3 everyday. It gets to be very expensive.

mylifemypicz Look how late Baltimore is. . Pg been doing this…. about time.

ericwilson35 Great for the kids that parents are really struggling it will keep their attention span because they are not hungry. Threw those early morning hours. Too bad the school year is about over hopefully it will be the mandate for next year grades should go up and so will attendance as well as lateness.NEXT ? Is what are they serving up HEALTHY EATS or DIABETES OR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. GM

dee_223 Ok ok Yall rocking

corey1ravens52 @drejohnson1 a lunch lady was fired for giving a kid without money lunch. Even tho she paid for it for the kid. The guidelines are bullshit. That food doesn’t cost a lot anyways. They buy bulk . I am happy they finally did this I just hope they find a way to feed during summer ?

gpc_life Good! Children should receive free meals while in school, some schools even offer dinner in some states. I just hope the food is good for them!

queenroyale41 Excellent. .it’s about time…..

tatmylife Now they wanna do that, my father always made too much. Even when he lied on the app. We still had to pay. Only good thing on the menus was that morning breakfast pizza

_siriam_ It should’ve been free. The food isn’t worth paying for.

darklovelycee School is about 2 b out for the summer 😒 they should have started this at the beginning of the school year smh but it’s a great idea!

doeboyr7 Is this a 2 week program or is it continuing into next year? And it’s only 2 weeks of school left so I guess better late then never.

msnellieboo80 That is very good I just hope they kids a better choice and more healthy menu some kids don’t eat the lunch some say it don’t look right or it is not cook all the way

blizz40 They should have never started charging but I’m glad things are changing.

greenafrodiva I think it’s great. It’s being paid with federal dollars and certain schools qualify not just in Baltimore but throughout the state of md

bishopmeb2 It’s should have been that way from the beginning! Our tax dollars and the fact that meals are important to a child’s success should never have a price on it. We would gladly pay extra to feed and cloth all children than pay for half the mess government officials waste our money on in the wake of a new $30 million prison.


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