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Six officers charged in Freddie Gray death

Source: Baltimore City Police Department / Handout

Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. Lawyers for officers in the Freddie Gray case file to have the trial moved out of Baltimore City? What are your thought?


MrTerrence Teel Negative! They did the crime here they should be tried here!!!

Donnell Barnes They may not get a fair trial here in the city due to the high-profile nature of this case I just hope they don’t walk away from this justice for Freddie gray

Patricia Ray They shouldnt have that choice. the citizens of Baltimore are not stupid the officers know they are going to jail.

Be Kashia How is that even possible to have your case moved out of Maryland where you committed it. Crazy I tell u. People try anything to get over. But let it be one of us. It wouldn’t even be up for discussion. ..

Dorethea Stepney Taylor They did the crime here in Baltimore but trying to avoid the time. I say don’t move the trial.

Clinton Turn  Do they not believe in the system they work for

Nina TakingCharge Zamora It was done in Baltimore so it should be tried in Baltimore. Gm Dre.

Emanuel Stackinmychips Curry Trial should b here where things happened

whthershey209 They need to keep the trial in the city. They committed the crime their…they are just scared because they won’t find a fair jury But u do the crime u don’t get to choose where to be judged at. Regular citizens don’t get that option

blkface99 I think that they are going to get off. Because they had to do something to claim the city down.. Right now the police is not respected in the city.. So move it to 1 of the county’s that respect police so they can get off….

priveledge_gram It don’t matter where they move the trial it’s a chance “justice “won’t be served . Police are the only ones that get judged by their “peers”.

successful_tony Justice won’t be served at all these cops get away with everything it doesn’t matter if they have the trail here in Baltimore or anywhere else these cops will walk

chanellenumber5 I knew they were going to do that, and the riots gave them reason to

therealhb12 I think this will negatively affect the racial diversity of the jury.

astokes1016 Any attorney that didn’t file a Motion for Change of Venue would be doing their clients an unjust. Regular Joe’s file for Venue Changes. If you commit a major crime or a crime against a major figure you don’t want your jury pool to come from that community. Legally your entitled to an impartial jury. Even though this was nationally seen, Baltimorean were effected.

flawless_leo79 I understand the reason behind the request for a change of venue. It is going to be damn near impossible to get a fair and impartial jury in Baltimore City. I do not agree on taking the case to the county as there is also going to be bias. In this type of case regardless if it is held here or in the county the jury is going to be bias with their minds made up before evidence is even presented. A trial by a judge may be the best solution for this case as the judge has a better understanding of the law and what criteria must be met to render a verdict of guilt or innocent

the1_mrsjones0718 They have a right to file a Motion for Change of Venue. Just because they filed does not mean it will be allowed. My concern is that so many people try to get out of jury duty that “we” will not be represented in jury selection. We must be present to hear the evidence so that a fair judgement can be provided.

djamaretta It was never going to be heard here.


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