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Six officers charged in Freddie Gray death

Source: Baltimore City Police Department / Handout

Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. Now that the Baltimore Police Officers involved in the Freddie Gray case have been indicted, do you think all 6 will be convicted? 


Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Given the fact that the grand jury has revised charges and the venue has not been changed, I believe that most if not all will. Good morning Dre!!

Tavon Davis Man to be honest that’s something we all have to wait for and its gonna be hard to convict them with some of the charges but by the grace of GOD im sure hoping for all 6 to get convicted!

Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown That’s up to jury .I believe a plea will be made and one officers will step up and get a deal state what really happened.. But with all these senseless violence you only pray for bmore

Melody Mello Miller No. Good morning Dre

Chereese Barrett Yeah they will but trust somebody is going to cop a plea deal so their sentence won’t be serious and then they won’t get the sentence they deserve because trust it’s going to be a couple snitches or maybe all of them and then the people are really going to be mad.

China Goinggoinggone Gordon Half may try to make a deal, but they may try to make in example out of the female officer.

Tashia Smith Good morning. I think the majority of them will be.

mseyecandyyy Absolutely not!

whthershey209 Hell no. They indicted them to try to calm everyone Down. The real challenge is going to be convicting them

jpslater1983 Gm homie. They definitely getting off smh

mikemccormick No. It’s just a way to try and ease our minds for now. But 2 yrs down the line we won’t hear nothing else about their cases and how all 6 of the cases got dropped. Sad. It’s the Baltimore way. Police crimes have no equal value as WE the citizens have when were arrested. Were GUILTY until proved INNOCENT. Sad to say but that’s how this B.S justice system is set up. #facts

sirsnackatron No they wont.. 2 will get convicted only for manslaughter if that, so they only looking at a good year in a half prolly 6 months for good behavior….i just look back on the Zimmerman case…. it’s all about power , who you know and what you are

drkingdre No they did it just to stop the riots

crissypoo31 Probably so. Yes.

mrs.sedgwick2014 No they already dropped an lowered charges

og_mac73 I will just keep the faith, and hope that they will.

successful_tony I hope that they are convicted but I don’t think they will because the justice system doesn’t care about blacks smh

von_ovawest I don’t think so, i think they are going to stop televising the case and everyone going to forget about it and worry about the next popular thing. The cops going to get off and no one going to know

bgressy Those cops are going to get off just like all the rest. If they do get off, Baltimore is going to burn.


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