Enrique Tarrio is facing jail time for burning a Black Lives Matter banner.

The International Olympic Committee reissued their stance on barring political speech or silent acts of protest at the games, with a specific reference to the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

On Monday (Feb. 1), the influential social movement was nominated for one of the most prestigious awards of the year in the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sephora has decided to take their pledge towards their stance on #BlackLivesMatter to another level and some supporters aren’t having it! The makeup giant recently laid out its plan to repair its image with consumers of color after Sephora was accused of racial bias in stores as well as lack of products in representation of […]

Terrio admitted to carrying out the Dec. 12 burning of the banner after it was stolen from a local Black church.

A six-year-old girl was banned from an Arkansas daycare for wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. The child’s mother was told over the phone by staff at ‘His Kids Preschool’ that her daughter was no longer allowed to attend after showing up with a shirt that read “All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter.” […]

Many people don’t feel like there’s much to celebrate this year especially when it comes to America! How can we celebrate the life of a Country that doesn’t celebrate black lives? There has been numerous people and activist that have called for change and a lack of celebration on this 4th with a #BlackOutDay. #BlackOutDay […]

The NBA has released a brief PSA in support of Black Lives Matter and addresses racism. In the clip, players like Damien Lillard, Kyle Korver, Jaylen Brown, and more can be seen protesting in the streets and addressing the issues the nation is currently facing. The video focusing on the social justice movement and the […]

Starbucks is under fire after an internal memo telling employees not to wear Black Lives Matter attire leaked. 


Baltimore has always felt heavy in a way, but lately dealing with this pandemic of Covid-19 and this Civil Rights Movement since the Murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor happened we’ve been back in a Uproar. It’s not until you get older that you truly begin to understand the saying of “History Always Repeats […]

The popular skincare and beauty brand is opening its purse in the best way to show support for the cause.