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Karrueche Tran is goin be opening up about how she’s doing in the aftermath of her public breakup with Chris Brown.

It was the beginning of the end for Chris and Karrueche when it was revealed that he has a baby. For her, it was the breaking point in their involvement, prompting her to leave and announce that she’s not trying to deal with babymama drama.

In her attempt to move on with her life, Karrueche booked an interview with none other than , who is going to ask her some hard questions. We’ve already gotten a few previews of what to expect, but we really hope that Iyanla asks Karrueche some of the following questions.

1. What did you learn from your relationship with Chris?

After all of the drama with Chris we would hope that Karrueche has learned something about herself and what unhealthy relationships look like.

2. What are your dealbreakers moving forward?

Four years is a long time to be putting up with bs. Since leaving Chris, Karrueche should have a better idea of what she needs in a relationship. Just as important, though, is knowing what she will no longer tolerate from a man in the future.

3. Why did she stay as long as she did?

There were several points in her relationship with Chris that most other women with a decent sense of self would have checked out! Karrueche, however, kept coming back for more no matter what went down between them. He could say or do almost anything, but she would ultimately stick by his side.  Wasn’t there ever a point where she was embarrassed to be with Chris? We have got to know her reasoning for going back to Chris so many times because it does not make sense.

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4. Why was Chris having a child the final straw for you?

Chris has done a lot cringeworthy things that Chris has said and done over the years—especially announcing to the world that he was in love with Karrueche and Rihanna at the time. Chris had allegedly cheated on her a few times and he dished some juicy secrets about their sex life on social media. We have to wonder, why was his having a child the thing that ultimately sent her packing?

5. Would you ever go back to Chris?

Chris and Karrueche have gone through more breakups and makeups than we can count. Some of those breakups were longer than others, so how does she know that this one is final? Does she miss him?

6. Did she like Chris’ song “Loyal”?

No one can say that Karrueche wasn’t loyal to Chris. In fact she is the poster child for being loyal to a fault! How did she feel when he put out “Loyal,” claiming that women can’t be trusted to hold a man down through thick and thin? It’s not like he’d been with someone who left him in his hour of need.

7. Did you actually go on a date with Drake?

Chris claimed that she flew out to Canada for dinner with Drake. Did that actually happen or was Chris just throwing a temper tantrum? If she did, that would explain why Chris put out “Loyal.”

BONUS: Why did you kick Iyanla out of your house?!

Iyanla was only trying to help Karrueche by getting her to own up to her part in the ridiculousness that was her love affair with Chris. Surely, the model had to know that the OWN life coach was going to touch a nerve in their conversation.

See what Karrueche’s got to say for herself when her interview airs March 28 at 8 p.m. on OWN.


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