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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. What are some pet peeves you have about social media? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND


           — Zone 8 Breezy (@iBenjiCount_) March 25, 2015

djbigrel @drejohnson1 games requests on Facebook popping up on my phone

bratty_baker People want to tell others what they should post and how to use their personal page. I post WHAT I WANT!

brittbritt1986 Mine would be talking about family and a significant other if you have one…..I feel like that aspect of your life should be private …oh and posting money lol…just my opinion

jpjp1983 People that text their mate on social media instead of texting their cell phone.

jdravensfan Everyone is rich or doing well lol

gorjus_glizzy Everybody on #FLEEK on ig but in real life😒😒 #nevermind✋😑😑😑

ppcbubby Doing, saying any and everything for likes! Smh #BubbyChuloSaidThat

brandoniusthetall Putting personal business on social media

drkingdre Couples arguing on social media or taking shots at each other. Keep it off social media

djrichbird1 Watching love and hip hop

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 Subliminal messages & grown adults acting like children smh what happened to people having a conversation face to face to resolve issues?

1_fine_teacher Writing diary long entries on fb. If I have to click “continue reading” then that’s a problem.

lisha_justme letting it ruin your relationships and telling all of your business!

kushingtonsteele All this damn hash tagging tall like to do n the new slangs they come up with

necessi_tee Airing your personal business and then getting upset when folks comment or react

blizz40 Posting your personal business and mad when ppl comment negatively…smh!

redbonefiya Crop your pics before posting! Everybody don’t need to see everything

getoverhere_ When women dog their baby fathers on min then posting I love you pics the next min

wifey34 When you purchase something and the cashier places your change on the counter and not in ur hand.

MrTerrence Teel misspelled words!

Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre. Mines is the drama and internet gangsta shit. Never that serious

Nina TakingCharge Zamora The selfies……uuuggghhh

Sharbett Morton Ppl posting their nasty looking food

Sharbett Morton Taking pics in a dirty house

Sharbett Morton Posting their every move they make

Tanaye Brooks Taking pics in their bedroom and what they eat for dinner breakfast and putting your life on here some things should be private.

Sean Berry Ppl who always post what they cook and it be on a paper plate

Sharbett Morton Posting pics of their loved ones who are dying and hooked up to machines and cords

CenfullylovingGod Brooks Food

Timeka Wright People worried about what others post…it’s called …delete..

Darlene Lee BOOTY pictures go on a porn site.

Tyice BubblesDaughter Pulliam Misspelled words or not knowing the difference in words like there their loss lost pass past

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Nasty looking food posts like boxed Shell’s and Cheese with desert dry (ass) looking porkchops and canned green beans…Half naked chicks in pics with (dirty) ratchet backrounds, Cornball dudes posting pics of fake bands of money, Internet Beefs Between…See More

Tee Denton Too much drama and ppl lying for absolutely no reason. Gm Dre

DjBunk Dodson I hate people who, have on polo or true religion in a photo, but has porch chairs in the living room bed on the floor, crazy!!!!!!

Crystal Waters Posting pics with random males and females hugged and on a date and say” oh this my homey, we not together we just friends. ” as to not turn off other potential suitors. Lol

Tonya Renee People making up statuses for attention..

Jaime Browneyez Harbison Gm Dre…please Stop saying you woke up like this…knowing damn Well you didn’t

Tonya Renee I hate when someone likes all your old fb pictures from 2009 TIL now.


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