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A 16 year old teen kills a 17 year old teen for sending pictures to his girlfriend via his Snapchat app. As a parent, should we know our teens’ passcodes to their social media sites?


Matthew Fischer, 17, is charged with fatally stabbing classmate Lucas Cavanaugh, 16, over a Snapchat message, WCSC reports.

Cavanaugh sent a message through the smartphone app, which erases all pictures and texts after 10 seconds or less, to Fischer’s girlfriend Sunday night.

Fischer saw the momentary message on his girlfriend’s iPhone, and whatever it contained made him so mad he used the phone to send Cavanaugh texts that said “Come over” and “I’ll kill you man.” SOURCE



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cruel_curtIf I had kids I ABSOLUTELY would. Parents should be aware of what their kids are posting and who they are befriending. Aside from that, some social media users definitely exercise their right for freedom speech by posting the most inappropriate things they can find sometimes. As a parent you can’t stop them, but you can monitor the things your child is posting and being exposed to!

urbaninformerI most certainly would up until they were at least 17. They could have a social media page (IG/Twitter) at 14\15

taryn_iamhairI sure do. My children are 15(girl )19(boy), and 20(boy). I don’t have their passwords, but I monitor what their posting/ tweeting,pics,who they’re responding to and then go on friends pages to see what type of lifestyle they live. Boy have I found some interesting things. By doing so I have stopped situations between one son And a cyber thug from escalating as it was getting out of hand. Also had to school them about lyrics to songs they post because colleges look at that and they don’t know the kids are reciting rap lyrics . I’ve also told them never ever be in pics, videos with dumb friends posting inappropriate things.. A lot of these kids incriminate themselves but I partially blame the parents because they tend to not care as much when the kids become teens. .. I feel that is the time your kid needs you most to guide them in the right direction . I can go on and on, but yes I do and I will continue to , as soon as I see something I don’t like they will hear from me

1goodguyYes to all of that. Im on my son(14) like white on rice…. As a parent u have to be on them. There’s too much they can get into.




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