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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. #Ravens RB Bernard Pierce was arrested on a DUI, which resulted in him being cut from the team. What are your thoughts? 


bmoreliketiff He’s a young man and he’s going to make mistakes….. it’s a learning experience….. I wish him well…..

corey1ravens52 @drejohnson1 ray rice ruined it for everybody… I heard Bernard tried to run but was tackled in 2.5 yards… It’s little extreme… And now we have more “dead” money

daunshay Ravens are going ham with all these cuts! You might have to suit up @drejohnson1 Lls!!

drkingdre I bet Michael Phelps still swim. The Ravens do their players dirty. Not a fan of the Ravens.

phrozen_pisces Good riddance…he fell off anyway. Looks like we’re going RB in the draft for sure.

jpjp1983 We ain’t missing nothing anyway.#birdland #early

ccventurin The Ravens are not playing. Zero tolerance means just that

msjthe1 @drejohnson1 it’s about time these NFL players get repercussions for knowingly doing dumb things…kudos to the #ravens for taking on the zero tolerance policy…maybe it’s time for the other teams to start doing the same…

living_lovin13 People make mistakes … I don’t mean no harm, u know they are under radar more than ever after everything that happened with the thee nfl players! Ravens for a lot to recover from this season!

mochamama924 One of the most unintelligent moves made so far by a now ex-Raven. But it’s still early

sheiztrouble Alot of people seem to not understand that the NFL has an almost zero tolerance for alcohol and drug abuse. There are people who abused it so NOW he is a liability. No one wants to pay someone who wont be at work. He is young, but he should have been responsible enough to know that celebrating St Patrick’s day wasnt worth his employment. Where was a taxi or Uber?Those unspoken of morality clause gets them every time.

ashleybrewton It’s really sad the he got cut, the NFL could have at least put him in a class or something to help him with drinking. The Ravens already have nobody I don’t even know if I can watch the Ravens anymore @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1

misslenajames He should have taken über . And shouldn’t have been cut he was an asset

urbaninformer He has no respect for his safety and anyone else’s. There are too many car service options for him or anyone to drive under the influence

mekasman86 All that money and no chauffeur

modemkilla As far as driving drunk without question he should be disciplined to the letter of the law, but as far as him losing his job I don’t agree. If someone does anything such as speeding should a person lose there job? He didn’t kill anyone thankfully but get him some help not just kick him when he’s down! If this is how society views anyone that has an encounter with the law where already royally f**ked! O my bad that’s how it truly is already so where f**ked anyway! My 2 cents y’all can keep the change! 👍👊 @drejohnson1

ameico1 The ravens are KKK!

mr_no_days_off He was sorry anyway…✌

waynedaasshole I think the Ravens was looking for away out on dropping him. I don’t think he should be cut but treat him like you treat others. Let the law deal with it.

Jermaine Townes He fell third on the depth chart…He was being cut anyway on performance alone….Purple city

MrTerrence Teel Thoughts are they are idiots( Ravens Management) scared of backlash.. a few game suspensions but never cut a player for making a mistake. smh!

Chereese Barrett YOU BIG DUMMY! In my Fred Sanford. Those were my exact thoughts and you have money why oh why didn’t you pay or just have someone drive you around but I guess it was worth losing his job. Smmfh. 😐😐

Ramona Harris My thoughts …..he’s only human. Nobody on earth is perfect.

Toiya Best He got exactly what he deserved. How stupid can you be??? After all the things the Ravens have been through you decide to drunk drive and tell the police to keep it off the books cuz you’re going to get cut then you need to get everything coming to you! Gm Dre!

Jimica Darby If they got rid of players that were really meaningful to the team, what made him think they would keep him..

Kevin Boardley If you get signed by the Baltimore ravens or play for them don’t get into trouble or u Will get cut

Shawn Manning They just need to set rules in the league.i think personally the media is too involved in these stars private life.not to say what he did was right but if you couldn’t make it to the bathroom and took a crap in the woods.im sure it would be a camera up your a** lol

Toiya Best They are letting players know that they’re not playing with them.

Brandon Easterling Overreaction for the infraction. It was his performance or something else. Guarantee it wouldn’t have happened to Flacco or Suggs.

Shaun Nyce They are crazy for this one. Any other team he would have been fined and suspended for a few games. The Ravens are so shook after the Ray Rice doings they now wanna act like they don’t tolerate any misconduct. Smh. Wich now make you look at the organization side ways cause of past history. Players that was known to get in trouble off the field the Ravens signed they on the team. Now it’s different.

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson He probably was up the green turtle had a few beers and went home. The police always sit up Dulaney valley rd late at night . 55 in a 35 smh.

Fatima Randolph They backwards. A suspension or fine would have been fair. This is overboard.

Tanaye Brooks People already look for fault in celebrities. The media are always around. I speak on this as a celebrity you are responsible for your action. They know right from wrong. This is the repercussions that comes when you chose to do you.

Jermaine Townes Yall missing it!!! Without a DUI.. HE WASNT GONNA PLAY 4 US THIS YEAR… Performance period.


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