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#OfficeTalk: How much do you rely on your cell phone? Explain. Leave your comments here. #YouSayWhat???


Here’s what you had to say on social media:


  • jenni_jones0919# lifeline. If it i lost im literally in a bad mood. Feels like someone important died lol @justkikibrown
  • joylove2seeMy daily use is on my cell phone, it’s my lifeline.. 
  • pebbles_pageEntirely too much. I don’t remember any numbers. I put my spot in my phone and even notes for my show. Smh. I feel like I can’t breathe if I’m too far away from my phone. Lol
  • drbwhippleAdmittedly, way too much smh
  • noir_est_beauWay too much. Almost had a panic attack when I thought I lost it in the laundry mat. Sad, I know….
  • Ksg Bryant I got all the way home from work – realized I left my wallet on my desk – “No Biggie – I’ll just get it tomorrow”…. I got all the way home from work, in my nighties, under the covers – realized I left my cell phone at work – “@#$#%^” got up – dressed – out and back to work I go!! – Yeah – wallet can wait… cell phone is serious…. LOL!!!