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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on all the changes with the #Ravens this week? #Baltimore #bmore #maryland


a_touch_of_sass It’s giving me a heart attack! But in Ozzie I trust!

corey1ravens52 @drejohnson1 keep calm and trust Ozzie once a raven leaves he’s never as good as he was while he played here!! Ngata over 30 and Jernigan and Williams can replace him also Torrey isn’t worth 22 guaranteed he isn’t a true #1 he’s a great #2 receiver! He basically left for one million dollars after he pays California taxes and buys house there. So so much for hometown guy! Ravens offer was almost exact a few million left but taxes and agents will take it and be basically what the Ravens offered and our state taxes less than California! We got two draft picks we could use to trade up we need secondary help ?!!??!

libra_heath I’m over the season and it hasn’t even started but I’m trusting Ozzie is making great moves for our team

phrozen_pisces Great moves so far…so many people are panicking about household names leaving but have no idea of how it’s helping the cap space. Plus, we have two more mid round picks and possible compensatory picks. #InOzzieITrust

1sickcharger Lets just trust in ozzie… If you a true stick by your team everything happens for a reason #Ravenation #Early what up bro its been a minute lol @drejohnson1

riecyspieces Trusting in Ozzie. I will be a fan no matter what!

brucemanors_kuntry I’m 4eva #RavensNation but Ozzie got the city in their feelings right now 😳 #BreakfastBite

modemkilla #InOzzieITrust #KeepCalm #RavensNation #BleedPurple #PurplePride @drejohnson1

Vernon Branch I tell you when the season start

Jermaine Townes Just trimming the fat…We been here before. .In Ozzie we trust

Kevin Boardley I’m shocked they traded for haloti and mcphee signed with Chicago bears so good luck with the new ravens for 2015_16season .

Mark Hill I was shocked at first, but now I’m thinking ozzie might have a method to his madness !

Chereese Barrett All I’m going to say in “Ozzie We Trust” what they did may have seemed crazy but I think the Ravens are going to have an explosive year and I mean in a good way. Dre Johnson

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden An explosive year with new players with whom Flacco is not acclimated?!? Nah…I’m moving with Torrey Gm Dre!

DeeDee Bryan Dont really care one way or the other

Toiya Best All I’m gonna do is shake my head

Coco Mikele I just hope they got a good trick up they sleeves Flacco need to cut some of his pay to keep players…..

Claire Callow In my Oprah voice… You get a raven, you get a raven, you get a raven.

I will miss Jacoby and Torrey the most

Toiya Best They claim Joe will restructure next year. We’ll see….smh


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