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Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Jacoby Jones and the #Ravens have parted ways. What are your thoughts?


Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre. Uhmmm good I’m a Ravens Hater.

Rashawn Thompson It was long overdue he hasn’t been productive for the past 2 years

Kevin Boardley Good move for the Baltimore ravens by cutting jacoby Jones has a super bowl ring with the Baltimore ravens and what ever nfl team pick him up I.hope he gets a another super bowl with that team.

Patricia Ray Love Jacoby gonna miss him in Baltimore! But I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Denver…..

Shanez Young Dre Johnson we lost Jacoby but gain free stadium WiFi I think that’s a fare trade.

ashleytwooldridge Great @fitnessandfortune

coreyharold He wasn’t that good. .Toy Smith need to be next. .them guys not worth the money they being payed

baltimore_dev #Campanaro

cicime420 He will be missed. I will still rock his Jersey. He will always be a raven in my eyes. He had a great sense of humor too 😇

haehnkimbery stunning

natethedriverfields It’s just terrible, but he’s an Awesome guy with an even better talent, a pleasure to know and work with… You will be missed @digital_12 , but You know We will Always be FAM! @drejohnson1

brucemanors_kuntry I was mad at first, but when u think about his performance in the last two years it doesn’t compare to the Superbowl run we had so I understand #JJ12 #BreakfastBite

drejohnson1 At the end of the day.. It’s business.

theycallmeblay Thats all its about @drejohnson1 a money move and draft reasons too

jmtailored Wanted WR money which Ravens don’t have…. he’s a mediocre receiver but a great special teamer. Had to make a business decision.

thinkaboutchris Yall know Ozzie don’t play!! Let’s keep it moving @drejohnson1

daaance_ki I’m just sad as hell


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