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Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Sunset, Maryland

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What do you like or dislike about Lexington Market? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎MARYLAND‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎Thursday‬

Kevin Boardley I dislike the crack head selling pills I do like the food and entertainment.

Rashawn Thompson Love the food especially the corn beef sandwiches , hate everybody out side asking you if you want to buy some grass

Chevel Vaughn I dislike the fact that the city is more reactive vs proactive. They could have kept it in nice condition to begin with.

Patricia Ray The walking zombies they drug selling and the police watching if u can’t clean that up then what’s the point in renovating???

brace_yourself327 The zombies!

thesurgeon_umarboxing The zombies #dislike

jpjp1983 I like the fact it is historic but I hate the Zombies😂😂😂😂

lil_adam_55 I like that it is a part of history

kitkatbaby5255 The junkies on the corner dancing be having me laughing and the crab place and hot dog place is bomb fr.

libra_heath I like the culture it brings. People are going through life struggles but in Lexington Market they have no care in the world. They enjoy themselves. But what I don’t like is the odor and uncleanliness

ashleybrewton What I do not like about like the market is the little junkies that be out there

mr_fts Gm fam…. I love it especially on Fridays when they play the music & the ppl dance. … live entertainment. ….it’s like an adult field trip

igothorsepower_aj @drejohnson1 THE SMELL THE SMELL THE SMELL.. If you are there for more the 2min the smell will be in you clothes for sure..

you_downwit_opp I hate them damn pigeons, they don’t even move out the way anymore @drejohnson1

djbunk1058mhp @drejohnson1 dislike the open air drug market, it’s like Amsterdam on the wire, I love the rich historic history of it, worlds oldest market

vicky_u_14 GM Dre!!!!!! That market deserves a face lift :-)

blizz40 I haven’t been in years but I’ve always loved the food and the bands that used to play on the weekends.

murphyhomesjoey Hate that the restrooms always grimy…. Gotta hold your breath always….. Love the sandwich king breakfast

prettybrowneyes204 It smells😷😷

daunshay Love everything dislike nothing

hismrs_theirmom @drejohnson1 The stench of the bathrooms is unbearable BUT the food is so good #BMORE

tifanijackson That you have to go through a sea of zombies just to get in the building

lastofadieingbreed69 I like the one stop food shop but I do not like the crowds that are in the market.

its_tifph Chitterlings!!!!


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