Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If you had the opportunity to build a new sports/concert arena in ‪#‎Baltimore‬, where would you put it? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎maryland‬ ‪#‎wednesday‬ #2015

Rashawn Thompson Right where the current arena is just knock that one down and build one on that same spot

Kevin Boardley I will put one in Catonsville or Security Blvd. Area

Blueheffner4ever ‏@Blueheffner_75 @DreJohnson1 it’ll be where this new governor is suppose to set up at. And it’ll be strictly boxing. #breakfastbite @jamesthegreat1

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 I would put it right where the Royal Farms Arena is now. And I definitely would change the name.

ericwilson35 Canton it’s time for a new Du burns arena

followthedj I would connect it to the convention center and the Hilton hotel’s a prime location , it’s walking distance from the train and out of town visitors could stay at on the site hotels

shoutnjohn ericwilson35 I agree Canton waterfront

beauty2_life I would knock down the old Baltimore Arena and build a new one right there. Accessible to everyone and it’s a great location for dinning , travel , resting and site seeing.

tatmylife M& t stadium . Ravens have to go . Lol #cowboysnation ,

tatmylife Knock Lexington market down. Let’s get a basketball team.

its_tifph Right where the casino is! its not bringing us any money anyway! Might as well put something there that a worth the dollars.

arciusjr Yea knock down the casino and bring back the Baltimore bullets

corey1ravens52 Put in locust point on water.


The Mayor Of Baltimore Could Lose Power

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