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Ludacris got engaged and married in a small ceremony the same day. Cameron Diaz had a backyard wedding over the weekend. Does the size of a wedding matter?

  • Nope. I want something sweet and simple yet elegant with close close friends and family.
  • Had a small intimate wedding with immediate family, my dad performed the ceremony and we’re still happy many many years later!!! Everyone I know that had big weddings are either divorced or no longer together.
  • Not at all. Can’t wait to do it again. It’s about the right connection. Marriage is a beautiful thing when it’s with the right person.
  • NOPE!! Met him July 8, got married Aug 05, spent $643 on food and clothes
  • Depends on who is getting married. LOVE, HONOR, COMMITMENT, should be the Biggest size of the wedding. I understand that some people want the huge wedding and some want a more intimate wedding. It’s up to who is getting married.
  • Not when you have to pay for it-lol!
  • The gesture of getting married is just a ceremony , the union is what matters not how big or grand or how many people it’s the marriage that counts