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It was Open Question night on the show. Check out a few of the hot questions of the night:


My wife and I are separated and her boyfriend is claiming our kids on his taxes. Can she do this?

Oh no! You have rights and I would suggest seeing an accountant and a lawyer soon to clear this up.

I don’t like toys and my friends make me feel bad like I am missing out. Am I?

Maybe … Maybe not. It is a preference thing and some people don’t need anything extra to keep things spicy. I would suggest that if you are curious go to a party and request a “starter” toy and see if that sparks an interest.

Great sex, conversation and body, but she snores incredibly loud. Should I tolerate it?

Absolutely! Much harder to get a quality lover than it is to get a pair of earplugs!

I need a massage at the end of the day and he won’t do it!

Give him one and then tell him you’d love a massage too! Also, use great smelling and tasting products to add to the fun and possibly get him more interested in returning the favor.