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It seems when it comes to love, sex and relationships there is one segment that is usually left out of the dialog … lesbians. We can be even more specific and say that conversation is even more limited when it comes to lesbians of color. Is this an oversight or do we not want to talk about women loving other women?

Special thanks to my guest Nia Johnson the author of a hot new novel — LesB Inn for her insights on the topic.

Why isn’t there more love conversation around lesbian relationships?

  • There isn’t more love conversation around lesbian relationship because they are often judged, we lesbians are also more private. the lesbian community tends to indulge in their own kind. it’s very hard expressing your life when their are so many people that are closed minded about the life style
  • IMO people are more accepting of women than they are towards males.
  • My initial response is that because it’s more entertaining for a male to be effeminate (thinking of the Modern Family couple) than it is for a woman to be less feminine. Of course this is only a small sampling of personalities within a subset, but this is what tends to be portrayed in mass media.
  • Lesbian Relationships are so much more accepted in society. From what I have seen and heard they are really strong and lasting relationships. Women are so very beautiful and often taught to express their feelings and show their emotions. There’s no denying a Beautiful, Classy, Sexy, and Sensuous Woman! This is not to slight the brothas. I just feel and see that a lot of people in our society, view Male relationships TOTALLY different. There are some strong male relationships out there too. I just feel and see that they are treated differently. Perceived differently. If you are Blessed to find that good person for you, HOLD ON TO THEM! You better let them KNOW how special they are to you.
  • Artificial is usually accompanied by drama. But sex sells. Hell, sex with anything sells. Lesbianism isn’t slighted in the media. But what is slighted is working real relationships that can produce life. So we are left to be entertained with drama of artificial. Just my thoughts

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