I love Big Sean’s “IDFWU” because it really talks about that ex that is still holding on when you have clearly moved on. Tonight you guys were telling me about that time your ex was trying to get your attention:

  • Because I gave my condolences to his family he felt as though I still wanted him.  No dummy you lost someone and I am just being nice.
  • He was locked-up and kept calling. Finally, had to tell him to get his girl to take his calls.
  • She was still calling about her daughter and how much she missed me. Her daughter was cool and we had a good relationship, but we were done and I couldn’t be involved anymore.
  • She went in on me on Twitter. I had just performed at a local club and she decided to dog me on social media.
  • He posted pictures every day with him and a different THOT and tagged me in the photos.
  • She calls my family and asks about me. We were married for one year five years ago and have no kids. Why are you even talking to my family?
  • She makes sure I see her big diamond engagement ring when she drops off our son. The hand is always in the air and all our conversations some how lead to her upcoming wedding.




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