Bill Cosby is in the spotlight this week in a way he really doesn’t want. A fellow comedian joked about nearly forty year old accusations that Bill sexually assaulted women and social media and the press are once again looking at the cases.  Bill Cosby has refused to talk about the incidents some of which were settled out of court, but that hasn’t stopped everyone else and including a few victims from talking.

All these years later, do you even care about the accusations against Bill Cosby?

  • If it’s true shame on Bill. If it’s false shame on the women who throw that word around.
  • No lol it’s a joke u coming out 45 years later for what some attention #byefelicia
  • Yes because he had plenty to say about everybody else
  • No…. 45 years later? Sum people need to channel their energy on living! If it happened … Horrible … You should have brought the allegations to light then… Almost 50 years later … Dang… He probably don’t even remember!
  • Unsung Cruise
  • What I cannot is why people wait so long to report things. I am over nonsense like this. I really don’t care, but give me facts and truths, then I will listen.
  • Nope. The only people who should care are Bill, Camille, and God.
  • No I don’t care Bill Cosby is a household name to make these accusations years later makes no sense to me…just some crazy women tryna get some coins to do christmas shopping
  • I do wish him well him and his family for the mess these folks are bringing years later..are you serious.. GET A LIFE…

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