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Lots of discussion on social media the last few days about whether or not dating/ courting is dead. In a time where we have immediate access to people it seems that very few people are still interested in the slow dance of getting to know someone.

Is dating dead?

  • They are to busy texting even if they are at the same table!
  • What really is date now a days like really haven’t been on one in a very long time…. a date is not at my house I actually want to  go out somewhere for a whole day of fun food n drinks n some live music
  • Hardly anyone: comes to the door to pick you up. (They blare the horn, or text to let you know they’re outside) … Hardly anyone: talks on the phone anymore. It’s all about “the text”… Hardly anyone: opens doors or pulls out chairs. (They stand there and look at you like you’re stupid, with the “what you waiting for face) … Everyone wants “to chill”. They think that’s okay… Not over here.

    Everyone wants to go straight to sex, without a date cuz they have txt everything that should have been done on a date

  • I don’t even know what it’s is to date …. Somebody wanna take me on a date?

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