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Masika of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood was choked out by Yung Berg in New York while taping the reunion show. She quickly hopped on social media to defend his actions. 

Do you think money, great sex and good looks keep people in bad relationships longer?

  • Not if you are a grown up…
  • All 3 will keep us there as long we have someone on the side feeding the emotional
  • if they do that’s really being #THIRSTY AND A #THOT in all #CAPS in that order…real talk
  • Yes, the sex hold is hard to break
  • If they are in left field theres is a reason. That’s wasted time in my book
  • Yes, a cute girl can get away with pretty much anything
  • Sex has kept many bad relationships in play
  • Some people can tolerate ANYTHING if their bills are being paid
  • No excuses….but sometimes women confuse feelings of love and lust