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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on the outcome of the election? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Wednesday

Andrea Onmygrind Jarmon Total disappointment

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Anthony Brown has the stink of O’Mally on him. If Heather Mizeur had won the primary people would not be so surprised or disappointed. The good news is she can run again in 4 years.

Yvonne Artis I went in the polling place was Empty as crap, I said not a Good Look….but I bet their the ones Complaining today, the No Shows…smh!!

Tanaye Brooks I think that folks really need to wake up. Yes I voted and did my part. The only thing moving forward is to pray and get all the knowledge and education we can and learn how to keep something in the bank. We don’t know what can happen.

Leslie Alston It’s time to pray. Many of people didn’t even practice their right to vote and make a change. I believe people voted out of desperation and hope, so they were looking for change, but is this change going to be positive or negative. In the next year are you going to wish you didn’t make that decision you made out of desperation and hope or are you going to wish that you even voted. Time will tell. Stay blessed!

babygirl7275 I’m shocked and I’m going to be in deep prayer! Have a great day

cali_rankin I just hope both parties will be able to work together for the citizens of the US…..Gm

peacehipsteremms Very disappointed in the African American turnout. Especially disappointed in my Black men. It’s sad that the voter turnout dropped 9 percent from 2012 with african Americans. Takes 10 minutes to vote. But I guarantee you my black folks will stand in line all night for those new Kanye west sneakers. Very upset with my black people.

kushingtonsteele No comment smh if it was real before let’s see how it get now repubs tend to complicate things as if they weren’t already

yangletsgetit It’s going to be some short wick checks lol @drejohnson1

prettyteefus The fact the I’m seeing so many people talking about benefits being cut way back, and short WIC checks, I’m glad! Working people, don’t appreciate non-working people.

da_brains It’s dumb it’s totally GAHH I hope the stamps survive

sinnaminbrown There’s no reason to be disappointed about the gubernatorial election. Brown won in the city but he didn’t stand a chance in the counties.

ktjd_2011 I just hope they all can work together…I believe Brown loss because of O’malley but people need to get more involved instead of that it don’t matter attitude….that boggles me when I hear someone say that!

living_lovin13 And Larry was talking bout promising not to increasing taxes… Yea right … Can I get all my taxes back from helping fund ppl who get EBT and cash assistance , ijs! GM @drejohnson1

corey1ravens52 It doesn’t matter about wic checks and benefits the government isn’t s job opportunity … Kids shouldn’t be a dollar sign … Get a job and contribute to society and teach kids something valuable I hope they drug test for benefits also

teebabie215 Sit back and enjoy the show. Because I was not surprised what happened yesterday. Brown ran a horrible campaign. Same for the rest of the country. The republicans will make it their point to over turn Obamacare that they will put a bad taste in people mouths by 2016.

bayone34 It’s only gonna get worst out here .. The president cannot do anything without the house and people still complaining that he don’t do this or that …. I take full responsibility in voting …blacks (men and woman) at 1 time did not have that opportunity to do so …

nursekeysha93 There are 3,500,000 registered voters in Maryland 1,900,00 are democrats 900,000 republicans . Last I saw 90% of the vote was in and there was just over 1,000.000 people who voted… Bottom line democrats did not show up yesterday!!! @drejohnson1

mr_1210 If you didnt vote dont complain

peachy_tyrice People just better starting praying since they didn’t vote. To be honest, I think that you should be obligated to vote just like jury duty or there will be penalties.

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