Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The University of MD Medical Center downtown isolates a patient for Ebola testing. Results came back negative early this morning. What are your thoughts? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎Baltimore‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎maryland‬ Click to read more!



Chereese Barrett That’s that BULLS**T! & I knew this was going to happen. I’m praying for us all. Smmfh!

Charles Smith We don’t know a lot about this virus so I think isolating this women was the right thing to do. I believe that educating ourselves about this virus will help cut down some of the mythical bullshit and eliminate some of the fear. Does it take away your Human rights? Well… be continued.

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Lakisha Stackhouse Its experimental if the patient doesn’t have it. Things like this everyone wants to come up with a vaccine before the others. Although I truly believe……smh

Charles Smith I see it more of taking the necessary precautions to retain any sort of outbreak

Latisha Crowder The government is trying to kill us off , bottom line

Lakisha Stackhouse That too Maybe I just know it’s not what we think but what the government knows. Not sure how true it is but I’ve heard some talk of a research project there.

patience_plz Be cautious people out here scared of Ebola killing them but still having unprotected sex with random people..

jpjp1983 No more Lexington market for a while

iam_snowwhite People need to recognize the severity of the situation!! Washing your hands has and will always be the best prevention in infection control. Be blessed and stay safe!

mylifemypicz This shit is about to get outta control. Or is this a way to kill black ppl. Lessing the population.

itsthejadeshow I’m glad she doesn’t have it! #Praisethelord

1dimplez3tats_iam @drejohnson1 … Quite scary and I work in Shock Trauma/UMMS… knowing that we took an oath for patient care but it raises major concerns #BreakfastBite

mrillustrious People want to buy all of the facemask in the country. But all the condoms are still on the shelves. Prevention and awareness should be presented to those that want to learn.

londynn_bridge I believe there are more infected than we know I also believe they aren’t 100% on how this is spread. There have been a lot of inconsistencies and I just hope they get a handle on it

leylathegreat I’ve been working there for 9 years..and Our employees have properly trained for this. We have known for weeks now we were going to get a patient..

drdunny They shouldn’t have shipped them here to spread it in another city or state is foul…if they’ve found the first case in the united states in Texas it should be contained there. Taking this epidemic here will just introduce a new mass to Ebola….so I think this was done purposely for real 💯 It’s amazing how worked up everyone is. Ebola ain’t new pay attention!!! Do your own research and educate yourself. I’ve seen more block people stressed bc “the news said”. They said the best way to hide things from a nigger is to put it in the book. We have the resources people USE THEM!

kushingtonsteele I’m outta here plain n simple quarantine mode

taryn_iamhair Just came through on my phone she tested negative, which is good

sinsational_cakes_shia Good morning @drejohnson1 My thoughts are they need to keep their butts in the state or country they are traveling from. Its like these people are trying to cause a real outbreak.

sweethunni84 Not feeling it at all. My son had 2 heart surgeries there and needed blood transfusions but now my twin sister and I will be giving blood cause if he has to have another surgery I don’t want him getting any other blood. This disease hasn’t been tested enough for a cure and it makes me very uncomfortable.


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