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Mashonda has vacationed with Alicia Keys and Swizz.  This weekend she purchased the cake for their son’s birthday party. She seems to have found her happy place in what was once a difficult situation for her.

Can you make peace with the mistress?

  • My son wouldn’t be eating that cake. Just to be on the safe side
  • Yes, the nicer I am to her the better my odds for more money and benefits down the road #badbuttrue
  • I aint grown enough for that
  • I don’t have kids therefore I wouldn’t, but I think she is for the kids
  • Absolutely not!
  • It is about the kids. She probably still dislikes the situation, but knows it is best for the kids to see them all get along
  • I have made peace with an exes lover..baby sat their child..and partied with her…why? Keep your enemies close..and kill them with kindness…karma has a fascinating way of leaving battle scars