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Men should stop being do girly … Women should stop being so manly ….

  • Women should stop spitting and clearing their throat in public
  • Men~ the lil clothes, dresses, weaves, arched brows & otherwise female like appearance. I require a man who undoubtedly looks/acts like a man.
  • Women– stop taking care of grown Men. Let men be the patriarch God created them to be
  • Men ~ stop begging these females for sex, if she wants to sleep with you she will? Women ~ Let a man be a “Man” and stop thinking that you have a set of balls
  • Women – stop wearing a man’s brand of deodorant – not sexy
  • Men need to stop running their mouths like females. And woman need to stop chasing like men.
  • Girls need to stop trying to fight these men like a man knowing that they will get knocked out and men that to girly that need to stop is trying to get nails and toes done then asking for a girl for their number who does that
  • Girly thing men should stop doing is taking selfies, manly thing women need to stop is trying to be a man; dressing like one, boxers etc. No hate but your missing the anatomy to be a man.