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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are somethings you find inappropriate to post on social media (videos, topics, pics, memes, ect)? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY

Anthony Baker Anything showing your personal info like car tags or addresses.

Keisha Henson These fights where people are seriously hurt, while people laugh and mock them. Aww man too many more to say

Delores Millerbland Smiling at to many sexuals things and very badly pictures of people’s being hurt.

Yvonne Artis Somebody posted a pic of a man doing a #2 in broad daylight dwn the Inner Harbor…..Disgusting, Hated it !!!!

Keisha Henson Wth SMH just stupid

Yvonne Artis Posting pics of Ppl high and nodding out that’s someones fam, smh!!

Patricia Ma Ma Bush-Johnson umm pic of deformed or aborted babies people being murdered. I don’t know who really likes looking at that and twerking videos !

Yvonne Artis Keisha Henson yess it is, bcuz I would have Just called the police!!

Yvonne Artis Ppl who are wanted by the po po, but are on Instagram w/$5,000 in their hand smiling w/fronts in their mouth, lol smh!!

Kippy McLovin ‏@Tuned_In2Me @DreJohnson1 but the videos of kids fighting and twerking is out of hand

Harold Jenkins ‏@HAJ3RD Gm @DreJohnson1 how u been? I think just family, and a REG good time! REG good time,ppl take it to far, go to the extreme,and the videos smh

tunt〽️an ‏@150on2wheelz @DreJohnson1 half naked pictures with your kids in the background!!

East Riverdale, MD

Kippy McLovin ‏@Tuned_In2Me @DreJohnson1 in today’s society nothing is inappropriate. It’s all about likes and RT. The more inappropriate the more attention u get. Smh

Chrissy Collins People getting killed. Executions

living_lovin13 Gn @drejohnson1 little kids looking too darn grown! Flat out

jpjp1983 Beating the hell out of your kids. 👍🙈

iseethebeautyinit Pictures of your private parts. pictures or comics of people having sex

suga2badd Anything exposing the body..even if its a belly button..especially under the age of 17..these kids expose too much..and the celebrities aren’t helping with their lack of judgment sometimes..

clint_trustmyself31 No holds bar I think you should post what’s age appropriate for yourself and your followers … But @ the same be respectful

dashawnsimone Explicit picture of your body. Details about the status of your relationship or finances. Specifics about your illness. Negativity about your kids and loved ones. I wish the overstating would stop. Social media is not your therapist or public stage.

nicholas_mommi Hmmm…im tired of seeing people take pics with dirty houses. How can you afford new J’s…but I guess a mop & bucket was too expensive?! #pleasestop

dashawnsimone Over sharing*

davonjones906 Gm Dre.. I think a lot of sexually explicit stuff is inappropriate.. especially since its so accessible to minors… I think people could care less in today’s world though..

mrflan @drejohnson1 Great topic. . You shouldn’t post anything on social media that jeopardizes the safety of our children, that jeopardizes the risk of you losing your job, and anything that will cause you to live with regrets! ! # wisdom

parris_princess A But-Her-Face!!!!! (ButterFace) lol!!! #early!!! Morning @drejohnson1

iambeauty_8 Individuals laying in their casket. So disrespectful to the deceased individual and family. @drejohnson1

natethedriverfields All their personal information… Where their going, where they have been etc… Why do people need to know your every move? @drejohnson1 and ugly babies or children facially challenge, you know your baby ugly, stop posting their pics!

diva_browneye Her nasty ashy behind walking down Monument Street….ughhhh im tired of seeing fighting,disrespect to our elderly n etc


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