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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Tonight is National Night Out, America’s night out against crime. What can Baltimore do better to fight crime? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #tuesday

Patricia Ma Ma Bush-Johnson more policing worry more about the people who live and work in the city rather than how much money they can get from who live and work in the city meaning water taxes parking tickets citations fines but when a crime is committed no answers…….

1sickcharger stop being worried about petty stuff like pulling people over for having tint and calling 3 or 4 more cars for back up like dude come on its only window tint sheesh lol gm bro #early @drejohnson1

jpjp1983 Its going to be hard but it has to stop man. But the city need to work on the real crimes not the petty stuff .

djsaloot Ball and chain, stripped jumped suits, televised electric chair execution. . Going to jail is NO big deal anymore. . Criminals leaving better than working folks..

clint_trustmyself31 @drejohnson1 it’s such a long list but long as it’s poverty it will always b violence

danispeaks_truth @djsaloot I totally agree!!!!! My thoughts exactly

whthershey209 The violence and crime I believe is a chain reaction leading back to poverty, how the city treats it’s residents… We have all this money all of a sudden to help illegal homeless Mexican children but what about our own? Then we have parents selling drugs to provide for these kids, drug turf wars, there’s just so many reasons I can make a list but it would be too long for IG. Let’s start at the root of the problem. The twisted government and shady politicians!

forever_a_lovely_cancer @drejohnson1 criminals need harsher punishments. I agree with @djsaloot they get a slap on the wrist and live better than us on the outside. The criminal system has made it extremely easy to become a criminal and stay one. I have no clue anymore what Baltimore can do😕

djsaloot Sorry yall..Criminals *living better. .

mr_life1500_matt_bradby As a people we need to get to know the people around us better. We have to become a village again. We have to tear down walls and build bridges. We need to learn respect again, live with standards & grow up. Life is bigger than the circles we live in & the world will only get better when people who have been created would do what they were created to do. That’s answer the problems we were created to solve not create bigger problems for others to figure out! Peace!


Confusion Over Baltimore’s New Strict Curfew Law




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