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Baltimore Downtown


Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Today is Baltimore’s 285th Birthday! What does #Baltimore mean to you? #92qjams #bmore #maryland #wednesday

Lucky K. Kush ‏@KushSinatra @DreJohnson1 Bmore is a melting pot of culture & if we take care of it, it would be better. Evn w/ the negatives there’s no place like HOME

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 charm city. Crabs. The Orioles. The Neighborhoods.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Bus benches read, Baltimore the greatest city in America/I keep hoping residents will embrace that slogan 2 make it true*GM Dre

Vonnie Fatz Long My hood LA projects 4 Life

Vonnie Fatz Long Great music, house parties, style

Tanaye Brooks A place of peace. What we make of it.

orey1ravens52 @drejohnson1 good things like football baseball lacrosse babe ruth Edgar Allan Poe great museums but then I can’t forget the drugs murders and all that Baltimore is known for

daunshay It means education maturity and family. I got my BS from Morgan and went to grad school at UMBC. Love the inner harbor great family memories there!

drunkinlove8513 Baltimore is the greatest city in the world and has the Most charm and I love my city!

prettybrowneyes204 Baltimore means to me everything is my hometown, and I was born and raise here !! 32 years old happy 🎂birthday Bmore @drejohnson1 Gm

bubbychulo Baltimore means greatness where only the strong and those worthy enough makes it. So you and I are the city’s greatest birthday present.

mseyecandy812 Baltimore means to me. .. HPME FOOTBALL & Turnup cuz that’s what we do! Lol @drejohnson1

djbunk_1058 @drejohnson1 everything, from the ppl at Lexington market, too the beautiful view downtown Baltimore at night, too Our great sports history, but most of all the music, I wouldn’t be a DJ without being inspired by the big dogs before me, like DJ Reggie Reg @dj_sean_marshall @jayclaxton and k swift #Bmore is the best

itzmezu1u @drejohnson1 #baltimore #ravensnation there_goes_nunu AND THE LEGACY STILL LIVES 💯#BaltimreCity 😘💖💋

dj5starr Top of the.south and the bottom of the north. best of both worlds. Baltimore is a relationship town. Cant make a million here but.can.use.the.relationships make it outside.of Baltimore

stephenwisebaltimore History. The next big city. Culture. Opportunity. @drejohnson1

permbethel I’m not from here, but I have always had a lot of love for Bmore. Im rooting for the city to upgrade its living conditions. I have seen it done in DC and I know it’s coming. Great people in this town. Culture rich!

1sickcharger them crabs tho @drejohnson1

1sickcharger garrison blvd #westsidecertified

vickyu14 Good mornin Dre :-) :-)!!!!!!!xoxo

pinkspage Time to move…..aaaye Dre babe @drejohnson1

missla93 Family has Been apart of Baltimore since Benjamin Banneker… #history #blackhistory #family #roots #catonsville

tatmylife It means Home


The Swift Mix!! Bmore Club Download!!! [MUSIC]



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