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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The City plans to raise $60 million for Rec Centers by selling off four downtown parking garages. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #monday

mo_nique0701 Please do it!!!! Kids need something to do during the summer… What ever happened to the PAL centers?? Glahhhh I loved them!!

tatmylife Good idea , we need to get these kids back in a organized place doing positive things , too much crime out here, #saveourkids .downtown garages charge too much anyway

wraplady247 It’s an excellent idea. They have taken so many activities away from theses kids. This would be great to see.

davonjones906 Great idea… something needs to be done for the kids..they need a outlet…when we came up,the rec was always available… bumper pool, basketball,free lunches, fun camp…. those type of things are missing from the city…

soon_tobe_mrs_lawson Anything for our children I say spend it on that because if not they will spend it on something we really don’t need. What’s the harm in it we gotta park and walk a little further

natethedriverfields It’s about time they do something for the better of the youth… @drejohnson1, how dare we call ourselves fixing anything and can’t help our youth… #ittakesavillage

krash_coll It’s a bunch of bull if u ask me. I work for recs and parks. They lease out like four rec centers already last year an one this year for $1 a year. An still have us maintaining them. Where do that add up

Sean Gilliam I will believe it when I see it the city has made promises before about what they plan to use money for like when we voted for the addition of the casinos money was suppose to be allotted for the education system but our schools still struggle financially while the Maryland live by itself brings in 60 million monthly so talk is cheap and in the words of Kuba Gooding Junior show me the money.

Tanaye Brooks They coming to there census finally.

Ashley Gomillion If they never closed the Recs on the first place we wouldn’t be here now. Selling the parking garages means money will leave Baltimore Bc who ever buys them is gonna charge an arm and leg, which will drive business away from downtown. Our city is ass backwards and I pray for it Daily.

Patricia Ma Ma Bush-Johnson she needs to sell that damn hotel that is not making any business but no she trying to hold out for the casino I thought the mayors business was to help the city. she is ruining the city!

Angie Eaton About time she is thinking about the kids, I can at least say she get credit for that

Deidre Finallylovinme Bryan Our city is just ass backwards






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