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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Allowing your significant other to have your phone/social media passwords. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY

Antoinette Washington Allison It shouldn’t be a problem!

Tanisha Perry I believe if they ask for the passcode u should give it to them if not you’re DEFINITELY hiding something in ya phone!!

TMaC ‏@TMaCBoutThat @DreJohnson1 Once the relationship reaches a certain level I’ll give up the passwords, a couple months of Bf / Gf is not enough

♑️✨Kippy✨♑️ ‏@Tuned_In2Me Why do ppl think that just bc your spouse has your password mean they don’t trust you? @DreJohnson1

Rebecca Phillips ‏@LadyVicious3 @DreJohnson1.@jamesthegreat1 @92QJamsBmore Ill give my passwords. I’m not doin n e thing. If u wanna see boring keep lookin lol

♑️✨Kippy✨♑️ ‏@Tuned_In2Me @DreJohnson1 my baby has all my passwords, thumb print for my phone and vice versa. It’s nothing. We just respect each other’s privacy.

Toyin Olaleye ‏@olaleye1 @DreJohnson1 I think if there’s trust there’s no reaSON NOT TO have it..I’ll gladly give mine.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Demanding a significant other’s password isn’t necessary when u can just set up a fake profile/get a look at what they do;)GM*

esi4018  Take it. What the hell is there to hide. I’m to busy to cheat. Look in it all you want. See if any random chicks wanna buy tickets for me while you in my inbox.

mrs_rae00 No you should trust the person enough to not need that. If your that insecure move on

bondst_sai@drejohnson1 NAW NOT GOIN TO HAPPEN!! Lol

watchcelsius They can have it, but if they ask for it, I’ll ask them to leave after, trust is the foundation of relationships, and asking for passwords is a home built on quicksand

alabama_rasta443 Give me yours first after I delete some stuff off mines

blizz40 Nothing to hide. She might not wanna pass over her phone password though…LOL

satianashae You should trust your significant other enough not to need their password Thats just your insecurities taking ova n you just gotta chill! lol you always find trouble when u go looking for it

defensive_dell82 Hell no we already friends on there so wat more you want lol. .. its all bout trust

mrsjodijay Spouses – yes! If you have something to hide, you shouldn’t be married

bleswuna A relationship without trust is like a car without wheels, where we going baby?

p89dee I let my girl hold my phone….only to put it on the charger for me

b3aut3 I don’t think having passwords to anything will change anything with your significant other….. People will do what they want regardless of a password

knglksh Social media and cell phone have got alot of people court up…. smdh..

tuned_in2meThe stuff that ppl post gets them I’m trouble @knglksh. And ppl ( ex’s) only do what you allow

crys0225 A liar is going to lie a cheater is going to cheat & a snake will be a snake…passwords can’t change someone’s nature. But you should trust enough not to need it & but be honest enough to be willing to give it if asked.

thickdiva428 I don’t have a problem with him having passwords to social media or seeing text messages. If you don’t have trust in your relationship then you might as well be by yourself


pebblesthetruth@drejohnson1 if there’s nothing to hide, why not??

kikibrown92q Hell nah

or_nah_clint83 Ha! Or nahh

thechef613 Don’t matter to me. She don’t have them but I’ll give them if asked.

hiphopcleopatra Even if I don’t have anything to hide I still believe it is my human right to some sense of privacy. It may not be that I’m hiding a lie I might just have embarrassing selfies that didn’t make it to IG lol. So no my stuff stays locked.

teacups96 Gm @drejohnson1

bubbychulo If you feel as though you “need” those things in your relationship then chances are you shouldn’t be with that person anyway.

bishopmeb2 GOOD morning Dre. There are no secrets in my house. I have my wife’s info (that I don’t use) she has mine and often posts on my behalf. We have a mature relationship and vowed to never let secrets or sneaky tendencies stand in the way of our relationship. If they are really one with you…never let anything stand between you. Integrity and trust are more than words…they are actions we live by! Have a blessed day bro.

grandman1126  NOOOOOOOOOOOPE increase_101WITHOUT TRUST YOU HAVE NOTHING !! 💯✔️👈👏 @drejohnson1 BUT TRUST THE NORTHWOOD TONIGHT !! 😂✔️💯👏



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