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There are times in out stressful work environments where we fell less than productive, appreciated and even compensated. As an on air radio personality these feelings are all too familiar, but though I love my job it’s always nice to have your peers and managers compliment you on your good performance. In giving a little recognition you not only show your employees that you appreciate the good work that they’re doing, but also that you are conscious of their efforts in striving for the best.  With that in mind here are a few tips on how to boost morale in the workplace.

  • Communication: Communication is very important to spreading the good news about individual, or group employee accomplishments. Group meetings, personal notes on paychecks, emails or voicemails of recognition. Or simply an nice chat with the individuals to say what a great job they’re doing.

  • Atmosphere: To be productive employees must have an comfortable, safe and stress free atmosphere. A massage chair, catered lunches, small gift exchange, small trophy of recognition, soothing music or daily affirmations with an encouraging words.
  • Time: Time is extremely precious to everyone and to boost morale within your workplace try making Friday’s half days. Giving early vacations or increasing scheduling flexibility.