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Ever been that person who was upset or in the worst mood and the people around you became miserable? Yeah, it’s magnetic! So, if you’re struggling to change your negative mood around and someone around is in a bad mood, try hard to stay as positive as you can be (but don’t over do it! That’s just annoying!)


Follow these steps:

Don’t give in: There are many people whose lives are measurably worse than yours. So what! Their lives, no matter how terrible, are not your life, and your situation is unique to you.

Take care of your body and soul. Treat yourself well, even though you feel like hell. Try yoga, meditation or taking yourself away from negative environments.

Life is full of ups and downs. Show gratitude when your up and show gratitude when you are down. Be patient and things will balance out.If you are depressed don’t give up be positive & don’t think that this was your last chance be remember that every day gives us a new chance not to think about past,to do something new.




It always helps when you see this:



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Ki Ki Brown