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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What annoys you the most about a snow day? #92qjams #BALTIMORE #MARYLAND #BMORE #monday #snow


ToniSunshynegurl Reaves Losing money.

Kweisia Chase Im at my house reading your facebook page when I could be driving listening to you read everyone elses post cuz im on my way to work.. oh well enjoy your day dre and james the great.

SweetasCaramel Anderson A manager who expects u to be on time when both of yall late for the same reason❄️❄️

Charles Smith When I am off from work and my baby has to spend the night away from me in some God awful motel just because they have to make the $$$$$…

Penny Johnson That I still have to work #thesadmaillady

Lakisha Stackhouse The boys missing school…..#homeeatingeverything

Deidre Livingmylifetothefullest Bryan Being in the house

️Shabba Danks‏@LongLiveWally The MTA

Ernest D.Jordan ‏@bluereaper6 @DreJohnson1 when the entire business park is closed except my job..

piecesofme_ My transportation job never closes even though the government says stay off the roads!

lexus5013 This snow is some BS, I just want it to stop

sweethunni84 Using all my pto for snow.days.instead of vacation days

wiz_otis Everything

msbhaven76  The ppl who are too lazy to get the snow off the roof of their cars becoming road hazards for the ppl behind them

gonepostal I have to deliver mail and everybody else is sleep

imperfectlyphoenix That I’m considered essential staff for no logical reason at all! So I have to dam near kill myself to eventually get sent tf back home. Ugh over this!! I need a vacation where the sun is shining the sand white and the water is ice blue!! With all the drinks my liver will allow lol!

natethedriverfields I can’t get to the gym… @drejohnson1

kuppykake1965 A Slip & fall, lol!!

1amazinglibra Shoveling, driving with idiots, no food in the market, cold, kids home driving me crazy and BGE going up by the second! 😞😞😞

phhorsey I dont complain bout i have 2 snow blowers on stand by ready to make this money what some ppl complain about others are feeding there family & paying bills off of

iamjamesmurphy SNOW!

1991and4eva No weed!!!!!!!! Archey Bunkerz..

dee620 niceGm

chalese_da_cook What annoys me is trying not to bust my ass while walking..other than that its pretty to look at @drejohnson1

msladiec Nothing I’m from NY score is overrated.

hotsauze128 Good morning Dre !!! I’m just SO DONE with it !!!!!!!!!!!



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