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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name one scandalous thing you’ve done? #92qjams #baltimore#MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY @92qjamsbmore


Daniels‏@Daniels @DreJohnson1 cheated on a math test!

Blueheffner4ever‏@Blueheffner_75 @DreJohnson1 I talk about my co workers skinny jeans all the time

GUCCI~GIRL‏@guccigurl29 @DreJohnson1 uhhh invited two people i dated to the same event….i wasnt dating them anymore though…so it wasnt that scandelous…lol

mrsjodijay‏@mrsjodijay @DreJohnson1 we can’t mention such things on twitter Dre lol GM 😊

Rebecca Phillips‏@ladybooker3 @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1 #breakfastbitesbites. @92jams I helped my friend break up with his GF who was my “friend”

Toiya Tko Best LOL…….NO COMMENT!!!!! GM DRE!!!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Ahhhh Dre Johnson!! Cant mention on the grounds it my incriminate me–or should I say you would incriminate me. Too ‘Scandalous’ to mention.

mickmickisback Drank on the job @drejohnson1 ….lls, my last job tho

daveth3king I’ve been a side chick for lack of better term for males lol

prettiboitroi Ahhh @drejohnson1 Too scandalous, I cant mention–I may incriminate myself or should I say you’ll incriminate me 😊

jpjp1983 yo its going to be alot of.beefin lol. mouth closed

sks_temptation Claimed a grown ass man as a dependant on my taxes..aint tellin him n he aint seeing none of it!!! Tell him get it from his side chick!!! #angrywife#scandalseason#itsawrap

natethedriverfields This a set up… Happy 24th birthday to my nephew Jerry @wb_nino @drejohnson1

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Stole some stickers out of my 3rd grade teacher’s desk*Vowed never 2 b cause of hurt/disappointment for any1 again:(GM Dre💐


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