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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Two bills that would decriminalized marijuana in MD will be heard today. Do you think weed should be decriminalized in #MARYLAND? #Baltimore #bmore


Whitney Thompson Yes

Chrissy Collins Yup. If I go to Colorado and smoke a blunt it’s legal but if I do it here it’s not. Make everything equal.

Red Butterfly‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 I think so. Because the jails will for the real criminals and not the weed heads. .lol but for real tho

dj_iran@drejohnson1 no.

ro_ro_babyYup! Gm Dre.

sks_temptation Might as well….everyone will be happpyyyyy!! ..n my pharell voice lol @drejohnson1

solodmusic@team_ legalize

jpjp1983 yup yup yup..

sweethunni84 Yes i do…to many folks are getting locked up for small amounts of weed but real criminals are still walking the street. Not to mention weed is not a ‘gateway’ drug like most folks think..if u choose to do some other hardcore stuff thats a decision made

shonta_birdI agree @sweethunni84

roy_onyeka  NOOOOOOO

dmills_81 Yes…too many ppl are going to jail over petty marijuana possession

1misscnn It’s weed.. really! God places everything for a reason. Food to eat, resources for shelter, and herbs to heal. The research alone we get from plants herbs (Especially plants)…

bondst_sai@drejohnson1 of course!!!

gorjus_me69 My prayers have been answered #finally🙌🙌

wiz_otis Hell yea weed never hurt nobody

dre0385 Yes sir!!!!

bishopmeb2 With so many legal experimental drugs being pushed on the people via pharmaceutical companies, cigarettes and now E cigarettes…. for medicinal purposes yes but not for social stimuli.

mrsmelthompson I think it should be decriminalized. I work in the law enforcement field and so many people tax dollars are being spent unnecessarily putting people on probation for simple possession of weed. A waste of time. I agree with @sweethunni84 too many people are getting locked up for small amounts while taking away from the more serious crimes. But decriminalizing weed does not make it legal. It just mean you will get a citation or a fine.

serizzler Noooo! Decriminalizing it would allow people to think it’s right & it’s not even if you are still getting a citation/fine for it

farroh86 Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes combined. Weed doesn’t kill your brain cells… But soda does. It doesn’t blacken your lungs… But cigarettes do. It doesn’t cause cirrhosis of the liver… Alcohol does. So if you say lets keep locking hardworking citizens up for a harmless herbs, lets arrest cigarette and liquor companies for killing our citizens with no regret. Smoke weed everybody @ms_tisha0887

mr_ts_lady I dont understand how they can make something that is natural and from the earth illegal??? I think they should decriminalize it and make it legal it has so many positive benefits from preventing cancer to helping ppl with chronic pain and it can also be used as natural resources

theend_isnia2#HELLYEAH👏👏🚬🚬🚬 #coughcough