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Omg I love Michelle Obama. Flotus really rocked the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Thursday night.  I have always  been a fan of our First Lady but this performance really made me laugh.  Who knew Michelle had acting /comedic chops.  She definitely nailed it. She was funny and she also managed to tie in her “Let’s Move” initiative while playing along in the comedic sketch, “Ew”, with Jimmy Fallon and Will Farrell.  Ps. It’s one of my favorite sketches.  Jimmy is always funny, Will is of course out of control funny and Michelle is surprisingly pretty damn funny too.  This is an instant #Classic #FLOTUSrocks

Check it out ….EW!

here she is talking about her firsts

and here she talks about Sasha and Malia not wanting anything to do with her

I think she nailed it. An all around great job.  What do think?

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