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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. How are you preparing for the snow? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #wednesday


Nicole Johnson Going to Wal-Mart when I get off n a stop at the liquar store early wkend

Tasha Cantbeduplicated Rucker Kings liquor and redbox for me and my honey and the loom bands WWE 14 and caprisuns for my son….ready

Jemar Jerry McCoy Hit the market, make sure have my necessities, heat on TV on radio on …. Make sure the bills paid and the salt is down on the walkways that way it’s not so hard to shovel when it’s over….Lols

Red Butterfly‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 praying that they close the state and not give us liberal leave. ..smh

mrsjodijay‏@mrsjodijay @DreJohnson1 giving my kids extra homework lol Went to the market already 😊 GM

Ki Ki Brown‏@kikibrown92Q @DreJohnson1 I’m prepared and I’m kicking & screaming at the same time cause I know they goin put us in a damn hotel!!!

Lady Taurus‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 GM Dre, I’m trying to mentally prepare for work. Possible 16 hrs for a few days while the storm is here!!! Help me!!!!! Lol

djbunk1058@drejohnson1 market run today with mom dukes

bratty_baker Fm Dre. I have most of what we need but I have to find water today and maybe another shovel.

tru3_ston3r@drejohnson1 playing with my new galaxy s4 lol I ain’t thinking bout this snow bro lol gm fam

babygurl1279 Grocery store. …liquor store. …Red box!

djdeelamont Making sure this BG&E is paid up

mr_fts #GM @drejohnson1 waiting to get this O.T MONEY #TRUCKLIFE

thechef613 Food, toilet paper,weed and wine.

jenylyte813 In addition to a market run I hope ppl get a shovel they will probably need it

cass_uh_nay Ima continue ROCKIN with this #monkeybathmix on #92Q gettin it in!!!!

mikewed1105 going to the store to buy the 24 pack of Trojans #nosnowbabys4me

trudatnizzle Wine and my macbook!

pebblesthetruth@drejohnson1 but having plenty of food, batteries,bottled water and just staying inside where it’s safe.

joylove2see Pull out blankets in case the power goes out…battery operated lanterns..non perishable foods, fill your gas tank just in case gm @drejohnson1

natethedriverfields Workout…. eat, sleep. … repeat

bishopmeb2 Brought me a new chest freezer…filling it up. Got my movies, my salt, my boots and have plans to have fun with the family!


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