It looks pieces of the ‘Roc’ is beginning to fall to pieces. After a 10 year stint with Jay Z’s Roc Nation management company, Meek Mill is going his separate way. If you check the Roc Nation website and social media page, the ‘Dreams and Nightmare’ rapper images have been removed. This comes as a […]

Mariah Carey is setting the record straight about the mass exodus of her former staff

I thought Monday was bad! Tuesday isn’t looking too good either! Is something wrong with the water? Is it the weather? What the heck is going on? My day is not going so well and I know it’s not just me! How can we turn this bad day around? Follow these tips: Let it pass.. […]

I can agree with most people when they say they’re not inspired or motivated to do more at their jobs. It’s like management takes your ideas and run them in the ground and you get no credit for it! Or, it’s like no one pays any attention to your hard work and efforts that you […]

As with any small business that is still in the growing stages, Roc Nation has lost a client in the new year. Pop rapper M.I.A.…

Ever sit in the back of the company cafeteria and watch the “higher-ups” walk by laughing at their corny jokes, feeling as though their lives have to be the best ever right? Well, you’ll never know unless you become a boss yourself! So, how does that happen? Here’s how: Know the business you’re in. Be […]

I’m studying management in my Masters program and I figured I’d share a few things that I’m learning about becoming an effective manager. There are many functions that determine an effective manager: interpersonal, informative and decisional. If you lack in these areas, it may cause you to lose direction from your employees and productivity could […]

People must have taken Jay-Z seriously when he said, “Pledge your allegiance,” artists are signing to his Roc Nation management company left and right. Now…

  Are you always late for things? Are you always rushing? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have issues with time management. Many people suffer from this issue. Most people lost track of time and are always running late for things. But this is not a good thing and it has […]

You know the media loves to stir up the beef between females and the latest story/rumor is that Rihanna is mad that Jay’s management company, RocNation, is also secretly repping Beyonce. It was reported that Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement sent her over the edge and that she was leaving RocNation. Well Ri-Ri being the woman of […]

There is mounting speculation that an International Workers Permit – which Minaj’s manager was supposed to file and didn’t – is the real reason the rapper is not going on the Rihanna tour.