Have you heard the news?  A young woman, claiming that she was so SLEEPY, crashed her car into human beings walking along the Vegas strip, with her child in the car with her.  As this is being reported, more that 2 dozen people have been injured.  Not sure if any deaths have been reported.  Look […]

I did the dumbest thing last night. My body was aching and I was really tired, but you know that coming in straight from a busy day, it takes your body some time to wind down, right? Well, I took an ADVIL PM (one tablet) to help me get to sleep and maybe I took […]

We talk so much in The Love Zone about great sex, but what about sex that may have been exhausting, painful, too aggressive or just way too long.  Love Zone listeners shared their experiences with sexual trysts that may have been too much of a good thing! Tell Me About that Sex that You Had […]