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There are so many crazy twists and turns that have began to emerge in the story regarding the tragic death of a 2 year-old boy.  The boy named “Ty” was taken off of life support Friday after being brutally beaten by his mother’s boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson.  Patterson made a call to 911 on Wednesday saying that the boy was choking on candy but when paramedics saw the unresponsive boy and signs of abuse, Patterson was arrested.

The boy’s mother, identified as Ashley Doohen, apparently was unsure of exactly who the father of her child was.  She was attempting to claim child support payments from an ex but the case was dismissed when paternity tests revealed that he was not the father.  This is when Doohen contacted Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson to inform him that they boy may be his.  Adrian, who obviously believed that he could be the child’s father, made arrangements to meet the boy.  However, the fatal attack occurred before that could happen and Adrian’s first time meeting the little boy was while he was on life support less than 24 hours before his death.

As for the suspect, this is not Patterson’s first case involving abuse to a child.  Just last year, an ex-girlfriend requested protection from Patterson claiming that he spanked her 3-year-old son so hard he heeded ice for welts on his buttocks.  He then grab her by the throat, threatened her at knife point and held her against her will.  The woman claims that he threatened to kill her on several occasions.  He was charged with multiple counts of simple assault and was indicted in June 2012.  After receiving a no contact order later, Patterson violated that and was sentenced to one year in jail for both cases.

Current charges are ongoing for Patterson and he has been placed on a $750,000 bail.