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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Are you a fan of Drake? What your favorite song? Why? #92qjams #baltimore #maryland #bmore #thursday

Oddessa BeautifulOne‏ @beautifulme @DreJohnson1 I like Drake & my favorite song is Emotions!!!

Grandpa Moh..‏@FreshcutMo @DreJohnson1 the motion off nwts is my fav drake song, people will always try to use you!

Marcel™‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 no I can’t stand him @Drake is soft not a real rapper to me

‏@LongLiveYNT @DreJohnson1 yea Drake makes good music, tho most of it is soft lol and my favorite song of his is Crew Love

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 was never a big Drake fan however this album did him some good for me so still not a fan but I really feel this album

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Successful which he is though he takes flak 4 being 2 soft/feminine, only a secure man could say the stuff that needs 2 b said*

J_da_prophet‏@J_4da_Score @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite drake is ok..I wouldn’t put him down as one of the greats.. he still has lots to prove as a rapper

Vonnie Fatz Long Because of his last CD I am a fan. I like all the songs and play them on repeat, repeatedly. No joke.

Terrence Movingonanddoingme Boone Iam a Drake fan, I like most of his songs, I think he puts his words together very well and has a good flow

Stuart Goodall I’m a fan of Drake like women are fans of their menstrual cycles; all the bloating, irritability, general malaise, granny draws, and tears? Yeah, thats how much I like Drake.

jptrintaylor He ard.. u just cant bump yo cd with a car full of dudes lol

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 I like drake & my favorite is Emotions!!!!

long_live_vito Yup, I like that “All Me” joint he has out. I have all his albums, kinda hard to pick. But I do like “Marvin’s Room and Crew Love” fo sho. @drejohnson1

the_zulu_digital Lord knows off the take care album @drejohnson1

b3aut3 @drejohnson 1 that 305 To My City cuz I get it I get it

ashleybrewton Yea, I love Drake he is very diverse with his Music. I love his whole new CD forreal @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1

jazziiii_ Not really much of a fan but I do love “Crew Love” Why? Because I love The Weeknd lol

theresumeking 2 songs Dre’. Pound Cake (Jay-Z) killed it and Too Much. (In my Future Voice). The entire album “I’m just being honest. LOL @drejohnson1

dcott10 He’s a true hip hop lyricist and he’s different in his flows and delivery. All time favorite song is “The Resistence” off of thank me later.

mz_naturality Drake is a wealth of talent and my fav is Marvin’s Room:)

stoneyscorpio GM hun with ur cute ass! :)

nodramaclint83 @drejohnson1 Drake the new school queen latifah mc lyte splash of Trina and he don’t see nothing wrong with it lls glad guys like @kingpush still make music

3lindvision My favorite drake song is “November 18th” off the so far gone Mixtape. @drejohnson1


meagypooh86 Shut it down thats my anthem @drejohnson1

krudy_l Yo @drejohnson1 man Wat it do #ALLME HANDS DOWN

cuppykake1965 Yes, good Artist

mynameisnotmyname_@nodramaclint83 lmao. I must concur

boogie_thegr8 Fancy Is My SHITTTTT

tattedup_chargerboy he cool @drejohnson1 just need to stop waving his damn hands all the time lol gm fam